Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We were discussing young men in the rhythm section of L.A. and how possibly and I say possibly that most laws are slanted toward keeping these young men in jail. I don't want this thought or idea to be true it smells of conspiracy and I dislike that concept but thinking about laws and especially drug laws it's hard not to wonder? Then I think about how the majority (elites) who rule our country do not share much with the ghetto or the parts of this country that know lack and discrimination except for one thing. They the ruling class are becoming the minority and they don't like it. This past week I had the good fortune of being invited to see "The pageant of the Masters" the theme was "Muses". As I stood and waited for coffee at intermission a young couple struggled to take a photo which I offered to help them with. As I turned around I apparently bumped into s couple of kids and then felt an elbow in my ribs as the "Mother" of the kids poked me. I had apparently over stepped into their personal space. I noticed that her aggressive jab had some extra weight. A kind of "we don't like you people touching us " kind of weight. Now it could have been my imagination but then again I was in Orange county and it feels almost palpable the stress down there. These folks live in luxury or so it seems and they are being challenged and something tells me they are taking the current state of affairs and blaming that "Black Guy" in Washington. It felt racial. Honestly I don't think I touched anyone except the rib poking lady, because she poked me in the ribs. I am by nature a fighter but looking at her twisted face it occurred to me in an instant that I had nothing to say and nothing to defend and "guess what" I was in the wrong line anyway for coffee. So I swiftly left the line and immediately got my beverage and left the lioness of a mother to stew in her fighty mood. If it is true there is a conspiracy to keep a certain group down and these rich people who are not so rich are making this period in our history "racial" then I pray for us to prevail. I pray we can win this inner nasty strange battle with intelligence and grace,

I am open to transformation and transcendence and joy.

Not angry jabs into ribs...only hugs and kisses.



glt said...

Oh my. I might have snarled my ugly breath in her clueless eyes...and ass bumped her into another realm. This is why I don't like the public! The term 'public' implies repression. The poor foolish bitch with her necklaces of false gold. Knowledgeless Knucklehead Kook! uh oh! What an acronym!?

Damn! Will we never learn diddly!

Fantasmagoric to see you back on line. You provide a certain relief that no other can do. xxoo!

glt said...

"follow up email comment."

Charles said...

I've had my share of rudeness from Orange co. soccer moms. The only thing I was guilty of was being a Marine. I know things aren't fair, but the hard left Dems control congress and the WH. And as long as the GOP remain (perceived as) big game safari hunters living in the 50's, this will probably continue no matter how many setbacks Obama has. A little cynicism is healthy, but so is a little champaign.