Saturday, September 12, 2009

Burning man

It should be mandatory that we each get to experience what Burning Man offers. I don't mean just the naked drug swilling or the free love excesses that can happen there but are not (necessarily) the norm as every scared non believer thinks happens at Burning Man. I speak out of turn because I have not done the festival myself. It is a week before labour day that it appears, Black Rock City a place without cash but barter and love. I think I love really love this idea, it is for us a place to express and find ourselves while we share community. Ooh it sounds delicious. I am on my way. When? Well that is another story.Before I die.

I know many people who have been and who have hilarious stories of lost bicycles and crazy all night dance fests. Which sounds marvelous to me...when was the last time you got to dance all night? Hmmm if ever? I think we as human beings we get gypped. We miss the spiritual necessity of letting loose in a safe drug free way. Because we are stuck in our social framework of what is good and proper. I know my soul craves howling at the moon, clothing optional. We are a pent up scaredy cat society, filled with man made rules and it has gotten us into trouble...I know the tribal elders in Papua New Guinea laugh at us. At how sad we are and fat. When you look at the way they live and use their bodies and how fit they are well into later life because to be unfit inside and out means death. These people are called savage. I wonder who the real savages are...look at us we fight war with drones. They fight eye to eye.
It should make us question modern life. Okay, I don't want someone to cannibalize me or my neighbor, mind you. Nor do I want to hurt or go to war for a revenge death thing, still we are at war for revenge of 9/11. I am not one to encourage nakedness in public streets during the day. All things naked should occur in a safe place with consent.

Still we in modern America are lost to our natural expression,our nature by being hemmed in by concrete. Living in toxic cities, without trees, or not feeling dirt, dust between our toes. I encourage each of you to run free into the woods nude squealing with joy at least once in your life. It is liberating and it is fun.

Oh, I know it's not Christian behavior or proper behavior.
I am sorry something tells me that at the end of our days that so called buttoned up behavior looks pretty shabby compared to freedom of expression.

I know it is a form of expression not to express too. Still the idea of Burning man smells like the possibility of our future. In other words this may be forecasting how we may have to live...who knows with so much nuclear proliferation in the hands of despots. Black Rock City could be forecasting future urban planning.

Stay tuned.


Oms said...

I really enjoy this blog. And, one day I too would like to experience the inside-out effects of burning man.

Ryanaldo said...

it is hard to find naked drug-swilled fun. I am not in that sphere of regularity.

eleanormac said...

Hello and thanks from Aotearoa NZ. Why are we so frightened? and how long are we going to live, each one of us? and do they put, ' always paid bills on time' in your epitaph? we remember the truly expressive, the kind ones, those who think as an individual, those that care about what being a person could be. Thanks again:)