Thursday, September 24, 2009


If we have to endure one more rant from a disgruntled journalist denigrating bloggers as unemployed losers. I say you are the pot calling kettle black. It is a shame that we are so insecure and frightened by the web and it's potential because no one can figure out how to exploit it financially. I find that a fantastic dilemma. Why are our values so skewed toward exploiting the masses? Why is it always about profit taking? That seems to be the reason we are in a recession in the first place unbridled greed everywhere. It is a strange reality we are living in where values and character take a back seat to greed. We seem to ignore the divinity of community and care for each other for the much prized talent of taking money. We should make money and be valued for our talents I like to be compensated and delight when I do get energetic exchange. Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's favors or bartered goods. I am open to the newness, a whole new paradigm of living in society.

Still it gets me mad when I read or listen to a journalist ragging on the average joe who takes the time to write a blog who maybe has an audience. I like that we have found each other. I like that people can choose content...can decide what they read and listen too and frequent it.

I am appalled by our current state of news or lack of news reporting. I think it is shabby journalism and honestly it started to stink way before before Bush jr's first election. It went to hell and a handbasket when corporate America took it over. Yes all media. Then did I realize we were in for a very flat, very biased reporting. How the normal outlets of information would no longer be trustworthy or satisfying. Lets face it CNN is horrible as are the big four networks.For true excellent reporting it's public television, PBS or online, like; Democracy Now, Rebel report , BBC and apparently Al Jezeera.Although I have not viewed that outlet a bit worried about doing that actually. Still it serves us right for selling our souls to Corporate America.

We are lucky to have this medium (World wide web) and lets enjoy it fully before they take it away and or charge us for it.

And trust me they are trying to.


New Haiku said...

Truth! Thanks for posting!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

pleasures all mine...

Cheryl said...

Hi Rae,
I agree with your post completely. I just started blogging this week here on blogspot because it's fun and I can reach more people, not to make money but cause I like to do it and share my knowledge of my fave subject, the Tarot and the mysterious.
If certain people can bash something no matter what it is especially if it's new then they will. I do have some friends who are still afraid of using the web for fear of being scammed or used. It has happened to me but you can be scammed and used in the real world. I still use my real name. If they are going to get me they are and I am not going to live by fear. I don't have much financially so they have little to take, ha.
I love your posts Rae. Well if I happen to disagree, I will but hasn't happened yet. Take care and have a good day, Cheryl.
I'm at if you want to check it out. I started doing it because of you posting and I like blogspot.

Bill E said...


“It is vital that we safeguard
the free and open Internet.”

New Haiku said...

One more thing. Your post, and several of the other entries I read, have inspired me to get off my ass and write more on the blogs associated with my name (I should add New Haiku is my 'poetry/performance name...Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm Charles "Chuck" Cuyjet and I live in Northern Virginia). I occasionally follow you when I see you've posted a status on face book and it was refreshing to read your post. I watch BBC news and watch some MSNBC. Keep writing and speaking your mind, I enjoy the insights!