Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grace full

Yesterday, sleepy I made myself plow through the semi finals match between Serena and Kim because something happened and my tennis buddy Sergio was anxious to get my thoughts. I couldn't wait and went on line and read the outcome. I am certain after watching the drama unfold that the line judge may have been too eager to fault Serena since how much of her foot touched the white line? On the other hand Serena was being outplayed by a very sharp Kim Clisters who is a doll and they are friends so it wasn't a grudge match as these things can sometimes turn into. This was a case of inches. I wish Serena challenged the call instead of pointing her racket and anger at the line judge. Unfortunately it will not be pretty (as we watch it in play back over and over again) still I can't imagine her pain at being faulted at such a critical point in the match.

Thankfully the line judge was ethnic because it would have been awful had it been someone who was say male and Caucasian. It would have just added to the already electric racial tensions we are now experiencing in America. It isn't easy to lose. It is a tough moment in any persons experience but it shows the character of a man or woman. I think Serena has a wee bit O' work to do in this department. Lets face it when you have been the tennis worlds strong woman almost uncontested for a few years it's tough to give up the top or share it with someone else. I know Dinara Safina or any of the other lovely ladies wish they could get there but no one other then Kim or maybe Justine Henin or maybe Victoria Azerenka can really challenge Serena. Venus can't. It was ugly last night and I am sad it played out that way. I do adore Kim and her game and I welcome her back. It was obvious she likes Serena and I was heartened by her obvious emotions of concern. Unlike say a Capriati or Hingis who would have smirked and smiled. Kim Clisters has a heart and class.

Come on Serena apologize and admit it's about being outplayed and you lost your mind. Show the world you can admit to being a flawed human and appologize to everyone for losing it. You were wrong for attacking (verbally) the line judge and rules are you lost the point and match. It happens.

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