Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Imagine a place where woman cannot wear trousers where woman who are outside cannot be seen. Imagine having to drag a male family member or two out for a simple visit with friends. Imagine not being able to get an education. This is 2009 and these actions and more are happening all over the world. Our sisters everywhere are under siege. I think we females need to boycott we need to rally for those who are persecuted. Maybe stage a protest refuse to use petroleum products until Saudi Arabia smarts up and loosens there policies. Could we here in the west join forces? It's one thing out of spiritual humility to a personal Allah that people woman choose to cover themselves, it's another thing when it is enforced because the male species feels challenged. As if we females have that much power. I know I would be stoned to death. My mouth is so big and I am cracked open intellectually, I can't help myself. I need to know and I need to share ideas and I love, love, love my freedoms. Today I read that Lubna Hussein is in prison and being whipped in Sudan for wearing trousers. How ridiculous.

It's a planet in turmoil and I feel it here. I feel it in my heart and soul;

... she is me.

I am you.

Here we have liberties...be grateful.

Lets do something.

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glt said...

Even tho I was born and raised in the bible belt america, I never felt american. Half of them still HATE our Prez because of his skin color.
I wish I could see hope for humanity.
I can handle my own depression, but I can't handle others' small minds, tight hearts and hatred. I see no good future. Too many good people have tried to change things and failed.