Sunday, September 27, 2009


When playing tennis on clay the timing is vastly different then say on a hard court. It's slower and tricky with the bounce/s, the surface has so many different things going on, meaning it is uneven and vulnerable to wind and foot prints, stress.
This is the attraction it adds spice. Also the speed shifts and various shots become either more or less then they would say on a harder surface. One of the most fascinating things happens with a shot(to me) that is when a ball is coming toward you. Neurologically you make a thin sliced or an instant assessment of what the ball is doing or going to do and you mentally get fixed. Only on clay the ball may not do what it would do in your "fixed" assessment. So clay humbles us and teaches us to make micro split second decisions or if we are capable adjustments. It is a magnificent dilemma. I was listening to the various experts and politicos on television yesterday discuss the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan and what seems to be the real issues here is that our government is "FIXED" in it's assessment of what it can and must do in both places without factoring the variables which have turned out to be staggering, impossible to control or plan or map out.
So we, like a lumbering clay playing bully can't admit that we are fixed on the idea of our role in these conflicts. THIS needs adjustment. Because we are fixed, we are deaf, dumb and stupid and no matter how brilliant the advisor is or how knowledgeable in deep detail they are about these regions, this government isn't listening.

It is a problem... we lose big time when we cannot make micro adjustments for these variables. It is true we are a big bloated mechanism that is stuck in outdated idea's about war and how to fight them.

We need to tear a page out of the manual of war (if he were to have written one) of Genghis Khan. he would never be doing what we are doing. Hurting his positions and his troops. Losses maybe but not like this...and Iraq would have of been a faster invasion and with dividends. We need to reevaluate from a place of humility what we are doing in both places.

Duh! I know I have been harping along with thousands of other people blogging, oh wait... it's millions of people writing about our inabilities to say "uncle" cut losses and get out of the region.

I heard also that Obama has to add more troops in order to save face in Washington. How lame and sad is this.
Tragedy all around that region, we have no business in their business , period.

We will never understand their ways, their customs or know what long standing vendetta's are percolating, ready to take over at any moment. although I heard just having safety and clean water and food is number one priority.

The threats we face are real only they are not in either two places, it's in Pakistan.

So we are like a tennis player on clay...we are fixed and we need to snap out of it!

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