Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fight back!

B of A just pulled financing from Acorn. It isn't just unfair it's racial and it's politics anti Obama politics. I think starting today everyone who can must boycott B of A. Pull your money from this bank and show them you care. I am disgusted that many corporations who have received billions of dollars in financing from us tax payers and continue to be financed have broken so many laws and yet this one place Acorn is under attack. Who benefits from them? It's dangerous and it's real...we are under attack from a very powerful foe and hey feign centrism they feign Christian values and they are nothing but radical bigots bent on destroying what is good and gracious here in America. Go to http//www.Rebelreports.com and watch the Rachel Maddow and Jeremy Scahill interview, I beg you to get informed.

It's started they are after us, our liberties trying to turn America into a Christian fundamentalist country. We are not THAT! No our very liberty our hard earned freedom, the divine freedom of choice is at stake.

Lest we forget we are a democracy, we are free.

Be vigilant and informed...fight back!

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