Friday, September 11, 2009

Mercury is in Retrograde

Most of us don't subscribe to the astro-influence debate and yet we are all pulled around being 75% water and believe it or not pulled and pushed by gravity and lets face it, we often forget we are on a giant sphere called Earth which is in a galaxy which is surrounded and influenced by all sorts of differing magnetic forces yet we still can argue that magnetic influences and planetary movements have no influence. Well, I beg to differ. Yesterday I shared something only I didn't explain it well because I could not reveal any details. You try writing about the essence of a moment without revealing details. Not easy and I apologize if it was cloudy. Then a dear friend of mine voiced concern, she inquired about this blog she said be careful you will be hurt by revealing so much. She is right but it could be argued I don't reveal enough.

So far so good...I am certain my rambling on about various subjects won't be useful except, maybe one day getting me committed to some institute (If we get health reform), I shouldn't joke it could happen. Okay, I kid. Today I am not insane ,tomorrow we'll see. It is a sad world where sharing our personal journey could be used as evidence to hurt us. Alas we do live in a litigious society and I should be respectful of this. Oh and I noticed a few people having a difficult time yesterday and needing to attend to things (communicating for instance)with difficulty that is one of the ways Mercury messes with us. It hurts communication and it challenges us with delays and with miscommunication. Be cautious, it is essential for the next 20 odd days that you be diligent and patient and kind to your self and others.

I was born under this influence and if possible enjoy the weirdness and gawd knows there will be plenty.
I seem to do well under it , my sister too. We are Retrograde babies. Anyone can see if they are and for us it is a comfort every time these lovely 3 weeks roll by. For some reason this year we are having a bounty of them 4 which is unusual...okay so there I spent the entire blog discussing astrology and I am certain alienated a few none believers but how can we not argue that the planets affect us. They do, especially the moon.

Right ladies...

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glt said...

OH yeah! I challenge anyone to fall backwards with no-one to catch them and say there is no planetary influences. Hmmm, so yer still not revealing? Hmmm, yes it's NOT paranoia nowadays with all the various cop-minded mentalities...The fugging media is the forerunner...and no-one can overpower their constant brainwashing---Commercial TV must be brought to it's knees! I'm sick of hearing how badly women need makeup and how we all need burgers and tacos at midnight.

Wish I could be a lady for ye tonight, Rd... let's pretend.
I am certainly amazed how true astrology rings it's bell...not the newspaper sellers, but the real pros get it right 90% of the time. JEEZ, it's more general than predicting roulette numbers for instance... but believe me, it can help, if you have good timing!!!

I have great story about Harold Peas, a slick pantsed astrology genius that I met in Vegas...he did an incredibly minute chart for me and the first week I picked 14 of 14 football games in a contest and won 5000$...I was so flush, I slacked off and soon Harold disappeared...he lived in a cheapo motel with only one phone in the hallway for all the rooms...I had paid him 150$(probably a month's rent or so)...

Astrology works...and numerology does too. Numbers and letters have vibrations. Animals know.
We are animals, we should too.