Friday, September 18, 2009


We have to make some huge decisions as a country and as a world community. The fact that the leaders of Iran are holocaust deny 'ers is painful as is the continuous occupation in Palistine.
The fact that many people are dying in a few senseless wars and millions are starving without the basics and we are limited in our natural resources makes me think we are not asking the right questions or dealing with what is most important. The simple fact that we are 37th in the world for health care and yet have pride for being a so called first world country is interesting in it's split.

We are positioned to glean the best of the worlds experience when it comes to compassion and intelligence and abilities in terms of global environmental resourcefulness both in the way we recycle the waste and how we could if we chose to make no waste. All do able goals.

This idea that Washington is a giant ocean liner and that to get a complete turnaround on policy is akin to turning an ocean liner in a small harbor,it takes time or is impossible. The other thing that is looming is the reality and this is true that if we don't participate in this in every way it will be done for us. Crisis looms large over all of our heads in every country in every walk of life. Somalia is nothing if all hell breaks loose in a first world place like here in the USA.

I am not one for having Blackwater policing the streets of America but don't think they are not training themselves for just that thing.

We need to be vigilant and we need to be smart and we need to act now.

Lets get this reform and lets try to align with what is best for everyone not just an elite few.


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