Monday, September 7, 2009

How do we know?

Reading the book "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet is fascinating for many reasons. First I am impressed by how prevalent spiritual inspiration has infected many a civilian in much the same way as the bible said Jesus and the disciples were in-spirited. Yet I wonder how much and how many of these early American prophets were ill mentally. How do we ever know? Voices? That sounds eerily like Schizophrenia, and or sociopathic behaviors, repressed sexuality the list is long and because of our fervor for religion we label it God sent and Jesus based. I get the chills. I am certain there must be many men and women who have fooled themselves and the public with ill physical health (fevers, malnutrition, dementia) and labeled it a visit from "The Christ", It's scary and yet they all can't be kooks, or can they?

Dogma and anything fundamental as in religious fundamentals seem to be a perfect cover for all kinds of mental disorder. I suppose if we are caught feeling slightly off center these fascinating so called passionate and "chosen " charismatics can be pretty attractive. Ahhhh...then couple this with the promise of milk and honey as in wealth and easy access to fine young things and you have a "cult" ready made.

Wow...we are vulnerable. I love this book because the simple idea of a movement devoted to power and world dominance under on idea "Jesus's" gives me pause,gives me concern. It is the exact thinking that helped spread Nazism. The exact thing despots use as an excuse as they murder millions.

We must be cautious and we must be truly transparent.

Personally I don't want anyone like Doug Coe to affect policy here or abroad and the fact that this guy is so powerful makes me think that maybe there is a White man conspiracy to crush the masses into new deal slavery.

Okay it can be argued we are there already.
We are fools and sheep being led to slaughter by our submission to corporate policies/lobby that represent most men in government.

We may say we are a democracy but if we let the likes of "The family" continue in the shadows of our great nation we are looking for a dark or darker time then we can imagine.

Light, love and grace...and above all transparency.

We need to be awake and aware. Get the book "The family", by Jeff Sharlet.

Read it and pass it on...lets keep the discussion going.

We can make a difference.

We can free this country from simple yet sinister thinking.

When that book is "Three cups of tea" by Gregg Mortenson and read about a truer more helpful message. One that will help usher in a more productive peaceful world.


Dwacon® said...

Or, one can read the Bible to see how Jesus behaved (i.e., feeding the hungry, healing the sick, giving encouragement to the brokenhearted) versus how many so-called Christians behave (i.e., feeding themselves, ignoring the sick, condemning the brokenhearted).

It's never a good idea to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

...but imagine that those divine words are used to commit crimes against YOU.

That is this cult.