Thursday, September 10, 2009


This morning some one asked me a question regarding my dream situation and I said I wanted something and that something walked by. I won't get into details and it was not romantic but it was magic. Now the person(my dream situation) looked but didn't stop and would not because we don't know the man but it was magic nonetheless. Now of course my friend who is 63 years old from Egypt and not on the surface the kind of guy that you would ever think paid attention to say "The secret" but he brought that movie up. I am never one to knock positive messages and "The secret" was and is helpful for many but I also think it can be misleading and too simplistic being a complicated species, human and female, in my case. Still today has played out in a most fascinating way. Practice and work and intention can create miracles. I am not allowed to divulge anything else except to encourage all of us to trust the process and trust the cosmic timing. Nothing like having the allowing current establish perfection in timing. Allow and be grateful for all of it even sad and hurtful things, it's here for you and only you to enjoy and use...

Fly, high.

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