Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pat Tillman

You know we have issues in the military when a football hero is killed by friendly fire. Here is an All American guy who enlists of his own free will caught up in the get the bad guys cult that fueled these so called wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The propaganda that lead so many fine Americans into these ill conceived battles. Whilst being billed as end terror and save America and here we are almost a decade later no safer or smarter or nearer to getting the perpetrators. In fact the great crime is that we here in America are more vulnerable and more off balance and looking at a new age of racism and political division bigger then ever in our history. I am pro America don't get me wrong but I do think the various minds behind the spin that sold us into these wars should pay. I think we can isolate them and I think we should make them accountable.

It isn't just cut and run it is complicated and tribal. Imagine your son going to war to fight under the idealism of saving us here in America. Only to arrive in a foreign land so strange and complicated and ancient with US military leaders no more fluent in the local culture and certainly confused and scared and flying blind because it was a bad idea to start. Yet motivated by the gung ho military bravado which last I noticed didn't include sensitivity training in the local tribal politics and customs. We never hear about the deep insight our generals have into these foreign (to us) cultures. People we are trying to control with our brand of culture, how boorish of us. The ancient aggressions that predate our presence,we are meddling in their wars. Wars that have been fought for thousands of years. We don't hear about the generals or how their intel is about respecting these differences. Instead we hear about how we are saving them from themselves. We hear about BUY America, TRUST America because we are BIGGER and BETTER and are here to SAVE THEM from the Saddam's and Bin Ladin's...only we don't know who "they are" "where they are".

Nothing is worse then a bad idea. These wars are a bad idea and we have lost both. Today we continue to be thrust into one losing battle after another fueled and paid for by our true enemy;


We should cut and run like the Russians did. Reassess and get out of the region and let them take care of their own battles. Whilst we take care of our own "issues" at home.

I don't want to pretend we know what we are doing anymore over there. We should have never attacked or freed Iraq in the first place. We shouldn't have taken the bait.

I think Pat Tillman death is a fine example of the out of control leadership that really doesn't seem to know it's ass from a hole in the ground.

We should not still be in Iraq.

It's ancient and tribal it's beyond our understanding.
We need to mind our own business.

More dead Americans makes my heart's time to come home.

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