Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Still reeling from the/my family issues but recovering. I think when we are slapped with abhorrent behavior it takes a while to recover. My dear friend Chris reminded me that where in the "manual of life" does it say we need to be close to family? I know this intellectually but I do fall for the belief that we should help each other and care and love each other. I noticed that some here or on FB have lost patience with me, oh well, I am human, I have a heart and feelings and surprise? I am still walking through the woods of my psyche finding my way. It's tough and it is hurtful to be attacked and yet...can it hurt me? No, I choose my response.

Yesterday walking the canyons and enjoying the wind (cooler tempts) I noticed that we walk our individual path/life alone. It is a solo act. Nothing too disturbing about that unless it flies in the face of our understanding of life.
I get sad when I am out of my business and I maintain balance when I am in my business. There it is...simple logic.

I look forward to the next moment and I am grateful my heart is open and learning and growing and taking in and allowing what ever comes my way.

It is my job to love me. It is your job to love you.

The rest a story...


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glt said...

You know I will always love you Rd. You nearly always strike some ancient heart chord that's sitting and waiting for your fingers to strum.

I think I gradually reached the point where it's no longer work to love myself as well. It feels good to know that if I slip and do or say something stupid, I'm not too proud to admit it immediately. You certainly have taught me a lot over the last year. Thank You, Dear One. I look forward to the future as viewed in the moment. Yer real friend, glt