Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Writing that word in the title bar makes me squirm a bit. I am certain there is no such word as intentionality but I like the idea of it. I am so humbled by the fact that no matter what we think, do or say, we have many levels that we are communicating on all at once. Not just the superficial points. It makes me very aware of how responsible we have to be when you put stuff out there. For me it can be something so simple as writing a scene in which the protagonist is angry at say another character but the way they are angry and how I express it for them in the text matter. Not to mention my own beliefs as a woman person and creator my vibe leaks in to. So a simple sentence can yield a universe of intention. This can be tough since we function on more then one level. We have at least two more levels we function on and the other level of communicating is unconscious.

Wow...it's intense alright. So what we think is a simple event or a simple occurrence can morph into a very complicated set of experience which can be leaking or spurting a whole heap of negative or positive intention, not consciously intended.

Get it?

I know it's complicated.

So writing is majorly important and hard to do for the simple fact of clarity or getting to clarity. Not easy.

The word today is "intentionality" as we strive for a clear understanding in our written endeavors.

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