Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Someone was warning me about stalkers and inappropriate people online. I had to chuckle because her advice and warning was stalkerish. Made me think that we just don't get how if you can recognize a behavior/s you are guilty of it too. Even if it hasn't manifested yet, it could. So be careful with pointing out others as flawed weird and strange because it may mean you too have those EXACT features. I know personally I can sit down and rip someone to shreds, have absolutely no mercy. I would do this regularly until it was pointed out to me "The Universal Law" that if you see it, you can be it. Once I realized that this was indeed fact and provable (rare) or I could find it. I had to stop...okay I am not perfect, I have not completely stopped, I do it less and with a bit of guilt or knowing that I am in TRUTH speaking about myself.

It is all me. Just like it is all YOU. This life, this experience.

All of the horrors and the wonder.

....That is a good thing, powerful.


glt said...

Do you ever talk to yourself in a mirror? Or better yet sit and stare at your forehead in dim light til you see all yourselves! ooooo!

Tony Carrington said...

This reminds me of an ad for a roommate that was posted on a coffee shop bulletin board. A young lady was looking for a roommate and after describing her requirements she closed the ad by saying, "No strange people or weirdos, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!"

And after I wiped up the coffee I spilled while laughing out loud I thought about what it all meant. Do weird people know that they're weird? It's highly possible that they've been called weird, and heard it. And all in all I agree wholeheartedly with what Rae said about "..you too have those EXACT features."

We recognize things in others that are either active or dormant in ourselves. And rather than find fault in others, we should seek to find the fault in ourselves (and then do our best to correct it).

So what's a body to do?

Just be nice, and don't run with scissors..

Tony Bunn said...

Rae Dawn,

Indeed, I think that you and I are still operating somewhere within harmonics to the same mindspace. Its having been a couple of weeks or so since I've visited your writings, I was very pleasantly surprised at how your fleshed out the title of this one.

Not long ago, I was ruminating on how the same principle that you describe operates with respect to attractions of the "positive" kind. It's often the case, when people form "Love" relationships that they see not much more than a direct reflection of themselves (in the other) when they're drawn into intimacy with another; only to find, upon the passage of time (and the closer inspection which that passage affords) that the person was nothing at all like one thought.

The "Rule of Reflections" (that of which you speak) is a strange one, indeed. It's always wise for one to recognize that it's ever in operation, in this plane.

Peace & Strength,
Tony B.