Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If we created this world with all of it's wonder, beauty and complexities and mishaps and tragedy. What does it say about us? I think it says a lot.We can change this hot mess that we are sitting in. Once years ago at a dinner meeting the host was a successful rich producer. The producers wife started up a conversation with just me while our spouses talked. Looking at me in complete seriousness she proceeded to tell me in measured tones, that woman make lousy leaders, directors, producers. That they were better as actors and wardrobe etc...She wasn't joking as I looked at her horrified. She of the house in the best part of Toronto with it's indoor swimming pool. Who sat perfectly coiffed next to her husband as trained to behave as a dolled up toy poodle. No difference except I respect the poodle more, because it's an animal that has no choice. This woman hated women as well as herself only she didn't know it. I politely listened to her story of our incompetence simultaneously day dreaming of ways to kill her without anyone noticing. It kept me occupied while I sat through the rest of the meal. Again she had no idea that she was the enemy, she a woman, hated woman more then men. I created her...we created that. Women hate women more then men do and men really hate us. It like the Taliban. Fascinating, I have listened to the news discuss tribal genocides and how neighbor kills neighbor. Motivated by local politicians promising a better life if they could just ethnically cleanse the "problem" how it will be milk and honey. How the Taliban and every Muslim extremist blame the form of women as being a temptation that must be shrouded because it creates weakness within the man. So torture us, cover us up because that will help? Grow up! It's crazy, base and so prevalent. So it goes millions of sick behaviors to make life better for what, a few?

Where are we going? Is it for ease and more millions of dollars for house, designer duds? When I have, I give away, even when I don't have, I give what I can, my love and humor and happiness, I share. It's my favorite thing to do, it's community. Still it's the society at large. We are being called as fellow human beings to wake up and understand and process and facilitate and change the way things are done. I think we care and I think that each of us has it in us. Nothing is impossible. We can provide a society, a country that is cutting edge and clean and helpful and smart. The Netherlands is on to many wonderful; models of eco consciousness. We can accomplish so much...we can heal the dumb out dated wife of producers who are obviously asleep at the wheel. We can wake those bitches up...we can and with love. Okay I shouldn't call them bitches. Lets start there...educate yourself and be free and generous with the new knowledge and be kind...I will practice this too. We can do this..we can heal our reality and make life as perfect as it being kind and did I say generous?


Tony Carrington said...

Wow Rae, I'm so sorry that you had to sit through that dinner meeting with that . . . that . . person (impersonating a woman). I've had and seen many women leaders in my journey and the vast majority of them have been excellent in their capacity to be fair, knowledgeable, and open to other points of view. I have only to point to Africa's first (modern history) President, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, as an example of an amazing woman leader. Women bring points of view that no man could ever fathom, just as men bring (the hard side), and without the two no point or position could ever be complete.

Men have a major (in my eyes) disadvantage to their modus operandai in that they can't rightly control their "second brain (the one in the bottom half of their body)", and so they are easily distracted. Without a woman to keep a man "in check" the world may have been destroyed a long time ago.

Both men and women have unique characteristics that are indispensable to each other and in a way I think there should always be two leaders governing global apsects, a man and a woman, equally respected for their unique "gifts" of perception.

I'm very glad that there are now women on the supreme court these days and this greatly increases the chances of well-rounded trend-setting judicial decisions. And I think the world is moving more and more towards a well deserved respect for women as co-equals and not as objects, and such a day won't come soon enough.

In my studies I've read about many matriarchal societies of the past that flourished extremely well under a woman's rule and in order to stop the destruction headed our way I think we need more outspoken women to take the edge off of the mad man's world.

And when I think of the words "kind and generous" I can't help but think of my Mother first.

glt said...

I wish there was a magic cure for hateful people...well maybe there is but it's illegal. I agree with Tony, it takes two to tango right. It looks pretty dumb with one. I personally love women and want them to keep an eye on me(nothing too kinky!). I love soft feminine women and girlish tomboys the best. They keep me the most honest and kind. A good woman has extreme power over a good man...spiritual power of sorts. I'm not sure if the reverse is true? Maybe there aren't as many good men, or why would so many women choose scoundrels?

glt said...

This man/woman thing can drive one crazy. But like cuzzin Mario said, "Men are from earth and women are from with it." "Nobody can drive you crazy unless you give them the keys." Mario Pegan 2009

Love you, Rd! ...and maybe Tony! Ha Ha!

glt said...

You mentioned ethnic cleansing very briefly, but I would like to bring it up again. Everyone who doesn't chime in on this thread should be killed!
...of course I'm kidding!!! But seriously guys, are we just too intelligent for the rest of the world?
Maybe just too free!? We ain't no brainchild deluxe, but how come we can dance circles around the whole world? I just flat love it. But I would love it even more if everybody else got with the beat.

glt said...

Didn't mean to scare everbody...I love you.

Tony Bunn said...

Hmmmmmmmm! I know that I wanna say somethin'; I just don't know what it might be....

Perhaps what struck me most about my reading of your missive was your expressed somewhat knee-jerk reaction against the woman's stated position.

The majority of women are lousy leaders; as are the majority of men! We can change that reality only by inculcating the beings of this world toward that which is real; namely, that we each are solely and completely responsible for our own life --- no matter what our circumstance.

Perhaps it's best to lead oneself; and be peaceful about it. Perhaps GOD has many voices, though they all might sing the same song.



glt said...

I'm sorry Rd, but this blog thing ain't my style...I'm sticking with facebook til the end. It's nothing to do with you. Love and see you soon on the fb.