Thursday, August 6, 2009

All eyez on me

2 Pac Shakur was a fantastic rapper I am having a 2 pac summer. I can't seem to stop playing his record. I am late to this party since a while ago I borrowed the disc and added it to my play list and that was post mortem. Every once in a while I will just sit and listen carefully to his flow, his words. I enjoy the velvet sound of his voice both tonally and his speaking/rapping voice. Also there is child like quality to his shenanigans. I am exhausted by the "bitch this bitch" that but in context the women he is referencing seem somewhat guilty of the title. I am not one for homophobia and I know rap is filled with it. I think mostly it's because our prisons are chocko block full of African Americans and there is that there...even if outside you don't go that way. It's an odd tragic response so I think rap music overcompensates by being uber anti gay. No excuse for the bigotry or misogyny I just find it fascinating. Another thing they roll in packs, every song seems to be about rallying their posse. They seem to roll ten brothers deep which is so interesting. It hearkens back to when? Gangs or tribes and I think it's natural as protection too. Sociologically his music is revealing it tells a deep interesting story deeper then the male female dance which is fascinating and worthy of discussion. Thinking about 2pac's perdicament his posse issues, having to rally and organize and keep track and pay for that many people had to have been onerous. The guy had lots of problems and I suspect being a killer could've been one of them. Inspite of that... His music is rich and it's so much better then a lot of rap I hear today. There is a richness that is unique to 2pac. I love his flow...I am fascinated by how excellent it is, musically.

If you have never given his album a listen get All eyez on me...I think it's a classic.


Kim said...

Rae you should read "Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur" by Michael Eric Dyson.

Pac was so much more than the mainstream media tells us. It's just tragic that he had to go out over some stupid, ignorant shit.

glt said...

I was living in Vegas and heard Tupac die. My pad was just off the side street of Koval and Flamingo and I heard the shots thru the open air parking garage...'97 I think. They had been to a Tyson fight or some such nonsense, and the black mafia was out for blood. I dunno, maybe the blacks still have to fight themselves. Maybe they are too far brainwashed to turn it around. I hope not....keep hope alive!