Monday, August 10, 2009


It is a government run program Medicare/aid and somewhere in the rush to judge the man in the white house as incompetent the real message is being lost. It is racial and that's fine call a spade a spade and an ignorant hick a bigot. What ever it's just fear no matter how you slice it. We need so much to be over hauled in our system and it's funny no one wants to do the work , like pay for it. I have never trusted the medical system we have here in this country it is corrupt. I have experienced both Canada and France and England and it is lovely to not have to panic every time something goes wrong. Whereas here it is a BIG decision of whether we go or not to the doctors. Something that a lot of us face is that big question. Personally I need to get a check up and I don't have actors insurance still I need a check up it's been over the allotted time since I had one. If I die from some undiagnosed condition I will blame (post mortem) all those lame astro-turfing illiterates who are filling up the town hall meetings afraid that big insurance will go out of business. We never get the facts right and none of these souls feel compelled to get their news in safe or safer outlets. Don't go to the liberal outlets go farther afield go to Al jezeera which apparently is more trustworthy then anything we put out in mainstream media, fair and balanced. According to the BBC and NPR.

This weekend Real time's Bill Maher pointed out how uniformed we Americans's as bad as reading the latest recipients of the "Darwin" awards.
We as a whole are "Stupid".

No wonder Bush and Cheney got away with so much.


glt said...

You have painted a bleak but accurate picture of a 'conservative' run Nation that cares only for themselves. They are evolutionary mongrels who will eat their young to insure their own survival...they feed on the poor and helpless trapped in deviously disguised human traps.

But they are slow and stupid.
One can and should learn the alternative paths to health and safety. I know you can, do, and will, Rd. And we should all make our voices heard thru and above the fray, like you. We must share our maps.

Tony Carrington said...

Thanks for continuing to share the truth Rae. "That which has been covered, shall be uncovered.."

glt said...

I would like to make a commitment to everyone. For every hour of commitment to the truth, I will disappear for two hours! @#%&!

Tony Carrington said...

In that case I'm a short stocky Burmese woman with green hair who likes fox news and adores glen beck :-)