Saturday, August 8, 2009


When we lose our religion/s be it love, money, fame or fortune, it is a blessing. In the stinky heat of disappointment I think we discover what we are made of, if we let life unfold for us. It's tough for sure when bills and seeming misfortune tackles us to the ground and we are clutched whited knuckling in panic and despair. Still it's the sweet spot of life that humble pie and if we are blessed we find love and POWER. No one can teach this it's experiential.

I know personally when my ass has been kicked and it does get smashed on a regular basis. I have to step back and trust that I am up to the task what ever comes my way. I was built to have life in all of it's glory, no shrinking violet me.
I am certain when we are given a choice to say reincarnate I ordered up this life with all it's drama.

Would you shirk the pain and misery if you knew it would guarantee bliss ? Simply in understanding that we cannot fail...not really?

Hmmm...oh I am sure this is hoo ha silly speak. I guess it's up for me and I felt compelled to share the process.

Pick yourself off the floor dust off and start again get back up and dance, we can always be better next time.

We are here for that and that alone.


Yes you are loved.


BlkPhD said...


Your words speak the process wisdom of the ages, as taking total responsibility for one's life and know that life happens through us and not to us is when all is regarding as unfolding blessing. The experiences and people who come into our lives are the requested teachers who come with the lesson plans we've requested to grow. Namaste.

glt said...

I agree. A man could live with animals and their lessons, but then men would come along and he'd have to start over.

Tony Carrington said...

Speaking of picking yourself up and dusting off.. Once upon a time there was a new recruiter for a college football team and the coach told the new hire to go out and scout the high schools for good prospects. The recruiter asked the coach what, in particular, should he be looking for.

The coach said, "Well when you see a guy get knocked down, and he stays down. That guy we don't want. And if you see a guy get knocked down, and he gets back up, and then gets knocked down again, and stays down. That guy we don't want. And if you see a guy and he gets knocked down, and then gets back up, and gets knocked down again, and gets back up, and gets knocked down again, and he keeps getting back up..." And then the new recruiter interrupted the coach and enthusiastically said, "That's the guy we want!"

And the coach says, "Hell no! The guy we want is the one knocking everybody down."


Tony Carrington said...

I mentioned the story above to say that even though it's wonderful to keep getting up, sometimes we need to take the reins and be the first to smile, and be the first to forgive, and be the first to understand, and to keep knocking down fear with kindness, and knock down hate with humility, and knock down despair with genrosity ..and dance.