Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sacred faces

Watching the news and seeing all of the terror and anger in the faces of the scared as they shout out what must be important and truth for them regarding their medical life in America. They are committed and act as though they will be thrust back into Soviet Russian dictatorship completely unaware that we have been sucked dry by a force bigger and smarter then those characters, big insurance. Where has common sense gone? I wonder if the current commitment to fighting like hysterics feels good. I think it may. There must be a cathartic vibe after all of that shouting, a huge release, a psychological cleansing. This is what has been percolating in uptight neo conservative christian homes "RAGE" with a capital R.

How interesting that Glenn Beck loses it on television weekly blubbering tears veiling his radical racism spewed forth because he claims to love America. These loud town hall screamers love America and yet I wonder if they could string two sentences together explaining what it is they love and why? I reckon they have no idea really what they are fighting loudly. It's a wonder what happens when we stop and take a moment catch our breath and listen to "the other point of view". The peace and harmony that comes in understanding, before reacting. one of the problems here in America is patience and intelligence. Never in our history have we needed so much more information we can trust...from a neutral point of view, neither liberal or conservative but just the facts please.

I would never want to deprive people their experiences but I ask and pray that they consider taking the time to get all of the FACTS.

Plus I beg Micheal Moore to release "sicko" again, make it mandatory viewing for all of us. He takes us on the medical journey, the bullshit torture ride of high cost and sick excuses not to help the needy. Information we all need, to see and understand why our asses hurt so much from being screwed by the American system of medical insurance and our current health care.

We have sacred faces and SCARED faces...

God help us!


Ron Harris said...

You know, I'm surprised that Moore's Sicko hasn't been a major player in the debate. It had such an impact when it was first released. Some might say, it got us here in the first place. Why doesn't MoveOn purchase the airtime to show it. I' sure they could afford it.

Ron Harris

glt said...

Oh My...a big warm close body hug! How did I miss this post in so-called real time...shoot, I remember riding for the pony express...that's a whole other story...I do truly hate these neo-know nothing-brainwashed souls...NO! I can't hate a soul...but some of them really hack me off! I love emotion. If God is NOT emotion, then what is he?! It's all about Love! Joy, Anger and Grief...the JAG knife is love, and emotions are pure bliss. God is physical emotion poured into the world and nothing more. God is Great...God is LOve!

Another big body hug, PLease?