Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The shops are excited here on this Island because the President is coming everything is on high alert. I am privileged to get to spend time on the Vineyard. Yesterday I watched/listened to a talented poetess Sassy Ross from the Island of St Thomas. Her voice crystal clear, her poetry powerful, economic and at times searing. I deeply enjoyed it. Met some wondrous artist in residence many people from the city (NYC) have fabulous farms and homes with charm to spare. It is fun to admire how well some people manifest opulence. It all sources from imagination. If you can dream it, you can have it, or so it seems. I get to play on some of the finest courts in the world. I try to imagine what life is like to be able to live in comfort and such wealth? Oh it's a wonder. Me, I am an artist, not an opulent manifest or, no I get to visit but I never get to own. It isn't in my cards. I think I am a perma guest, a lovely butterfly who touches down softly and maybe not so softly here and there forever...when ever I have tried to own(anything) it over whelms me and It loses its charm and I become frightened. Maybe some of us are not meant to be owner but visitor...I know we are all visitors, here. Nothing is in stone or lasts forever. I hope we make this next few years without to much drama, but something says it is a volatile time and some of us are itching for a fight. I dream of balance and community. Not mansions on the water. Maybe I should shift my focus or maybe not.

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Tony Carrington said...

A magnificent amazingly beautiful butterfly you are Rae, and I thank you so much for the blessing of allowing me to write here. One of my favorite quotes is this, "Never do anything to an excess, including moderation."

Balance is the key to the universe. Those who master balance, are the masters of all there is, and will ever be (and not the owner, because everything you own becomes your owner, and you become a slave to the things you own).

And how blessed you must be to play on the finest courts in the world. I saw Agassi playing on a court high up on a hotel in Saudi Arabia on a commercial. How close to heaven on earth that must be.

There are some who manifest opulence quite well, however many manifest it on the backs of those way less fortunate, and all that most of us see is the "appearance" of the good life.

As a sincere artist you stretch out your hand to the most balanced way of creating art so wonderful that it actually enriches the life of the beholder. A true artist owns the process much more than the product, and so it's no wonder that you become frightened at the prospect of owning things that only the wealthy can claim to own.

You Rae, own things that a person can only be born with. Things that were brought into this life rather than acquired while here. No amount of wealth can purchase what you own. A fantastic heart, a generous spirit, a divinely loving soul, an overwhelming desire to be the best that you can be in order to benefit much more than just yourself.

You own things that the wealthy can't even imagine. For they love the idea of love but they don't really love love itself. You don't just preach love. You live love by "being" love in an earthly form.

As you walk through the valley of shadows even the trees, rocks, and birds, know that you love them, unconditionally, and they love you too, because of the love you carry from life to birth to life.

You dear Rae are an alchemist. You turn stone into gold and your smile can feed those starving for more than food.

And there is one thing that does last forever and you know it, and if you continue to surf on its wave and focus on it like you have been, then you too will live forever, owning the greatest of all things that could be owned.

Life and a love everlasting.