Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So do you know your self well enough to be certain of all of your decisions? I wonder how well we really do know what we call ourselves. I think we function superficially and at times we are barely doing that, high functioning. Once a while back someone who wanted to hurt me accused me of using this form as a bit of therapy. It was a diss I suppose, one that didn't really work since I thought the observation to be correct. What are the rules? So here I go...yesterday I noticed in myself and in my immediate surroundings that most of us have no idea really what gives inside each of us.
We sort of think we do or we hope so. For instance one of my companions who is a new friend had a conflicting energy about him. It was confusing, made us wonder "was he this or that" couldn't peg his sexuality exactly...
Then interestingly my other friend commented on the same confusing vibration that I was feeling. She asked do you think so so is? I won't give away the exact details for fear he may read this and it's not the point of my story. The point is I reckon he isn't aware of his vibe per se. He has no idea that maybe a hidden desire he thinks is hidden leaks all over the place to the point that anyone with a modicum of sensitivity will pick up this secret. We are transparent there is no place to hide. I think each of us should take a few moments a day (meditation) to gather up and maybe anchor ourselves not so much to control the forbidden but to maybe be aware of our effulgence. What we give off...to the world.

Maybe or we should risk it and see what happens.

Everyday I learn something which shows me the wisdom of taking some time off.

Meditation? Maybe.


Tony Carrington said...

First off, I'm positive (by way of a vibe :-) that I'm not alone in saying that I'm truly grateful to Rae for continuing to author this blog. I'm sure she must be extremely busy but yet she cares enough to keep a whole community of friends alive and intellectually stimulated (as well as spiritually intrigued). Anyone who intends to "diss" her because of this blog can only diss themselves by revealing their ignorance. Personally I believe that we're all connected to a universal consciousness that could tell us everything there is to know about everything and all we have to do is "tune to the right channel". Vibes are like tuning an analog dial to an area close to the radio station's broadcast wave and hear bits of the broadcast. As Rae "vibed" about her friend, so it is that we all vibe about everything we come into contact with. Some vibe more than others. Meditation helps tune the dial closer to the broadcast, but a lot of the fun can come from working off of a vibe and creating a new broadcast. I feel that it's not essential to "know" everything, but it is essential to create a new vibe, just as flowers create new pedals as they grow. Rae, I love that you've given us this forum, and all love that is true love belongs to you. Bless you Rae as you bless us all. Hollar if you vibe me :-)

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I vibe you Tony and welcome your love it's generous. I have no idea why I do this but I do it with a very self-full intention. Something tells me that we are here to serve and I believe it. I am here to serve and be one of the billion filters this world has to offer. I enjoy the community and I am humbled by the sweet souls who have found us here.
Thank you for the props it makes everything that much more...fun.


Tony Carrington said...

You're welcome Rae. Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone episode called, "To Serve Man". The "earthlings" interact with some aliens who have a book called "To Serve Man", and the earthlings think it's a service ministry kind of book but it was a recipe book. Well you've been serving the community marvelously and Julia Child would be proud of you :-)

glt said...

HI, I was outta vibes yesterday and my filter got clogged. That's 7 billion filters I think. Love you guys! Keep it up, as opposed to down, but then again if you feel down that's OK too!

Tony Carrington said...

..especially since you gotta get up to get down :-)