Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Watching a documentary on drugs "The great American white hope" or something to that effect it covered the blatant insanity and racism surrounding criminalizing narcotics. In other words it is racist because interestingly 90% of our prison population who are serving time are ethnic and 50% of that populations offenses is for non violent drugs. Showtime played this documentary I liked it. My father was featured in his prison khakis (gotta love him) it was coherent and factual as it very calmly explained with nice footage and interviews, some,done in Amsterdam our current example that decriminalizing drugs works for society over all. Also the film maker used his own destroyed by booze and pharmaceuticals family as prooof that legal drugs are as bad or worse.

In my time I have heard "it will never be done" more then I can stand. That one sentence should be banned from our language and it is always said with smug confidence. I do know that we need the control and the revenue that decriminalizing would bring. It turns out the control we could actually gain be decriminalizing
make drugs hard for children to get. So it brings up the deeper issue which many people before me have pointed out. It is racism. I know it sounds reactive and conspiracy theorist but I think it's 100% true. Brown skinned people benefit from drugs most since we have never been as afraid if it, and we have turned to it in spite of it's illegality for a myriad of reasons. I know watching your husband , wife,kid or anyone strung out on Meth isn't a good thing it's horrible but we could at least have some benefit from the damn substance as it destroys lives. It isn't an entity that walks up and says "do me" it is a substance that we "use" like booze, sex, food. So I ask...are we really going to miss out on a saner environment when it comes to new revenues and controls and a society that becomes bored with illicit drugs? I know across that board that when prohibition was lifted booze drinking took a big dip...it wasn't as sexy.

Race relations seem to seep into every discussion and the current debates on the table are not excluded from this. It feels like the Becks and Rush like cranks, the shouters at town halls are mad and it's not about health reform. No it's that weird nasty age old thing called racism.

I think we need the revenue stream of all drugs being decriminalized and we need to empty out the prisons more then we need to worry about our so called Christian morals

Which everyday seem to be getting thinner and more corrupt.

I for one think calling a spade a spade is a start open up the debate about dominance and race,start talking about the great white fears of our societies turning brown and how the establishment doesn't want it. Lets stop pussy footing around.

Finally, lets face it...if the Europeans whose ancestors founded this country can't get out of the way of progress they will be moved. Progress like spiritual growth waits for no one.


glt said...

Apathy still rules mainstream death of american love spirit.

Hateful rightwhites get hopped up and blind.

I'm sad sad sad. I ask for love and get attacked by hate.

Gutless changeless hate. Mindless hate.

They have won. We are doomed to suck up the world and turn it into a hatepile, like Zappa predicted.

NO! we will suck ourselves in the hellwell, and the rest can jump off the rug at the last minute.

If I was younger and richer I would leave this country for good.

I'm having bad expectations from recent bad experiences today.

Mindless hate mongers surround me
with ambushes and degradation.

Personal assaults when I ask for love. We are nearly dead here in the land of the free.

glt said...

When I first went to an all black gathering it was....surreal, being the only white guy(even tho I'm tan).
The main thing I remember was being overwhelmed by the relaxed ambiance, as slinky music coated the softly chatting friends in a smokey cloud.

It was a brand new experience me. I felt safe. Like I had left my body and took all the pain away, and flung it skyward to the stars!

I wondered why white people hated them?! Nothing made sense at that moment. What could anyone have against this completely civilized scene? I wondered again.

Well to hell with it! I'm still wondering.