Friday, July 31, 2009

Labels and other false securities

Honestly if we just dumped the tagging stopped labeling people,places and things and just allowed LOVE we'd all be a whole lot happier. I learned something today. Yes, we are (as a group)completely hung up on status,class labels. I was sad to read about the child,the young girl who killed herself was it because she was a lesbian? I hope not. Reading the various responses on the Fb thread it is fascinating how many people are curious what label I live under. I am rebelling.I refuse,I am everything except a pedophile or animalist I don't want to be exclusive sexually.I refuse not because I am gay but because I embrace love and reality and the reality is who can control when love comes calling?

Who can say no to something so powerful and good? I am not talking about silly attractions I am talking the real deal. Go ahead be stupid and label people at your peril.

I think the world is lonely and sad because we insist of putting each other into categories and no person alive fits neatly into any one box...try it I dare you.

besides be careful committing to any one way...or plan.

How do you make God laugh? Have a plan.


Tony Carrington said...

Wonderful post my dear and beautifully said. I look forward to the day when we will all live as One Nation (not under) LOVE (but on equal footing with) LOVE, Indivisible.. Period. And in my I we will all have to get to this point one day. No ifs, ands, and certainly no buttheads :-) Tagging sux. We are way more than tags, way more than race, way more than humans, and certainly way more than even bodys with a mind with a soul and with a spirit. We were born of LOVE and so OF LOVE WE ARE. Every knee will bow before LOVE and LOVE will lift everyone up to equal footing. True freedom is to be free from tags and labels and conditions (and contracts), and free to show true and unequivocal LOVE, and in essence, TO BE LOVE THE LOVE THAT WE ARE. Let the "mono"logue begin :-)

Tony Carrington said...

I meant to say, "TO BE THE LOVE THAT WE ARE".. imperfect as that may sometimes be :-)

Tony Carrington said...

p.s. (since this is a monologue, so far) How do you make God laugh? Tell God a joke. "One day God was playing golf with a man, and the man asked God, 'How long is a trillion years to you?' And God said, 'It's like a second.' And the man then asked, 'How much is a trillion dollars to you?' And God said, 'It's like a penny.' They continued to play golf, and then the man said, 'God, can I have one of your pennys?' And God said, 'Only if you can wait a second.'"

glt said...

Yesterday I thought I was smart, but today I'm a fool and know I'm brilliant.