Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blame storming

Oh I love that is on a commercial and it makes me laugh every time the actor says it. I get such a kick. I love the concept of just "blaming" everything but ourselves for the "problems" we have. It's all our fault no matter how you cut it , no victims here. Of course I notice I will forget and point away from myself. Just rip into a Blame storming session with gusto!!! Hmmm not a good act, certainly not honest. It is said that if we can see it, we can be it and we are guilty as the ones we charge. So I can find (most of the time) what is wrong with people, places, and things, wrong with "my thinking" with me simultaneously, if I am honest. I know I have my proverbial hand on the proverbial trigger. It's a sick kind of fun to point outside of us and say boo...and certainly sometimes on the surface it isn't us it's them. See we stop paying attention we lose focus and "policies" change, literally suddenly what was a law that protected our diverse presence in media gets changed and slowly and silently we disappear from media or are marginalized. We cannot figure out how or why...but had we paid attention we would have noticed and gone to the meetings along with the attentive few who were desperate to stop the law from being changed in 1995. I didn't see it coming, didn't know, no one was paying attention in my world. That's when stuff changed so it is was our fault. I get mileage out of blaming the lack of diversity on the lack of women (of color) in writing rooms,and I am right but not's not just that its a combo of many things.

Not sleeping now. In my house we have an argument going, it's on going because we run out of energy to pursue it to the end. I think food commercials should be banned past 6:00 pm. I think it is evil to have dripping chocolate Sundays shown at 12 midnight as we are just about to go to bed or burgers oozing grease and cheese, pizza. This is right when we are beginning to get hungry again. My BF says no, we should have self control and avoid the temptation ourselves. Mind you he is an incorrigible snacker who seems not to gain extra weight, unfair. I disagree I think we need assistance. Someone needs to watch out for when we are vulnerable.

Hello! There is a theme here we are vulnerable. WE ARE!

Sure it contradicts the point the subject of this blog...we are responsible for ourselves not "them"...but I need assistance. I need people to remind me to focus and be attentive and make waves. To show up and protest to put "the fork down" to stand up for those who need it.

Us, them, me whomever.

Still it is us, not them, we need each other. Yes we do, even if it's to blame YOU for our laziness.


frenchwoman said...

Wou!!! I feel much anger RD and of sadness in the human being can be.

I am not certain that we can remake the world but I think that each one, day after day, can can be for oneself, at least for oneself, can make the effort change, to improve and that is not easy it is a combat of each moment and I personally think that there is only under these conditions which one can advance in the life, whom one can then bring to the others, love, listening, comfort.
Is not this step in the suffering, in the effort which we grow? but as you say it so well we are deeply lazy and that is a permanent despair
to see a failure…. I think that I could speak about that of the hours because it is a subject which interests me, which speaks to me….
But a side of me that I want says positive me that all is possible then!!!

Charles said...

For whatever it's worth, I read that eating late night meals won't do any more harm than at any other time of day-it doesn't change the equation of calorie intake and burning carbs. I know there was a bigger message here, but your midnite Sundae isn't blasphemy after all :)

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Yes but that isn't the isn't the point it's about eating beyond a regular normal needs. It's about the second or third meal of the evening, you knew that, you're just being annoying.

I never think eating dinner is matter when one does it. It's temptation when all of our caloric needs have been met and still they are shilling food after most should have eaten plenty.

Kim said...

Well, now I'm hungry but I can say I loved today's entry :-)

A burger and fries... SIGH.

lurgee said...

Moving away from the crucial topic of midnight pizza, it is essentially idealism versus materialism. The idea that we're repsonsible for who were are is seductive, but only when viewed simplistically. I tend towards the (whisper it) Marxist/materialist idea. People's consciousness is shaped - though not absolutely controlled - by their social and economic circumstances. This is why people in certain situations make the choices that seem - to people in more fortunate circumstances - really stupid. Because they aren't stupid choices to the person making them, in his or her circumstances, because their entire way of viewing the world is differnet from and they don't choose from the same range of options that I - or someone else - would.

Meanwhile, while I can smirk at someone doing something really dumb to my pampered white middle classed lights, I again make choices that are really dumb to someone else. Again, to me, they seem perfectly rational, and the best choices I think I can make.

In light of the above, if you were ordering pizza at midnight, what toppings would you choose?

Charles said...

I didn't mean to be annoying Rae, gotta make it right...