Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Common sense

We are a litigious culture and no doubt when you mix in the potential for financial gain with the fragility of questionable behavior it opens up Pandora's box. I think we African Americans have suffered too much injustice within our justice system that I find it fascinating that we suspend common sense when it involves our celebrities. That we are so quick to find the likes of OJ and MJ innocent and completely without guilt because a court found them so. I think it insults our common sense. Granted I am asking for a shit storm of controversy and I know many die hard idolizers will call for blood but I find it really interesting that in this case we have so much faith in our system, the system that has done almost as much harm as good. There are many innocent brothers on death row who are not getting a fair shake. There are people dedicated to routing out these cases of blatant racism especially in states like Louisiana and Texas and these men were dragged through the system and found guilty. Yet are they? Shoddy police work and tainted witnesses and social fatigue. In the case of MJ I am not saying he is directly guilty but just the fact that he was so socially awkward and preferred children's company to adults regardless of guilt or innocence, isn't normal. This is America and not La La land and I am sorry but who are these parents who pimped their kids out to him? If it were another grown man who arranged his 2800 acre estate to be a child's dream and hosted children everyday and in his private quarters he would be given the same treatment but we suspend our judgement because MJ could sing and dance and that's wrong! Still people will go banana's and say how could I say those horrible things about MJ? So the argument that he was found innocent is sticky and I find it hard to calm my inner guidance, my alarms still go off. Grown men who play exclusively with children are weird. I know I was not there but I find it horribly creepy to know he preferred children to adults and he was always under the influence (pills) those are tough circumstances to expect that NOTHING ever happened and it was all sweet fairies and light. I am sorry but it just doesn't add up. I take the position of the police department that he was getting away with strange stuff for a long time and his spin machine his handlers batted away allegations and the last ones were just too much to ignore. For the record the last case was one of many reports that they (the police) had to sift through. So don't tell me there wasn't more complaints, there was.

Common sense is not a dirty word.


glt said...

Definitely multiple standards going on in this country...with race, sex, gender, age, wealth, fame...

If an average man liked to 'just sleep' with little boys, or worse yet
little girls, he would get jail time and be labeled a sex-offender with all the restrictions and persecution that went with it...same thing if just showed them nakedness. We're a sick country when it comes to morality of any kind, but the shame and taboo of the human body is ridiculous.

A Comedic Author, With Rat Training Tendencies said...

I am firmly of the belief that his sociopathic behavior said more with debbie rowe and with the way lisa marie both were unable to discuss things because "HE would make that impossible." When you surround yourself with sycophants, the vultures in your own family will act like carrion on your body. That's happening. LMP said over and over, "he was self destructive and I couldn't help him". That's a lot from someone who attempted to be closer to him than anyone. The man was self destructive. Constantly. irrevocably. and now fatally.