Monday, June 29, 2009

Semi decent

Everyone has done some thing or three that they are not proud of certainly. Yesterdays blog brought out some strong responses. I am sad I wasn't more patient in my assessments of MJ. I guess it's too early to examine stuff regarding the KING of pop. Seems to be a raw subject and we are still mid worship so I understand my callousness wasn't appreciated. I feel sad to see so much idolatry. I don't understand it and it gives me the willies when it is directed toward me so...I think I am correct in my assessment that we are desperate to heap onto someone ultra magical powers. We want there to be a GOD we so desperately need to worship something, someone outside the little I. I get it yet it seems sort of tragic all at the same time. There was an argument made that he was found innocent twice. I can't imagine any jury in the world finding the KING of Pop guilty of anything. They could not convict OJ and he wrote a book about his crimes after the fact almost like a way to purge his guilt. Plus he couldn't sing but he won a Heisman and well football is almost stronger then song and dance. I was not in the bedroom with him and I did not see him having those "sleepovers" or giving kids the "Jesus juice". I did see him with children once and he was happy, so I can give a grown man that.

I think I am anxious to have emotional maturity in my community. I am anxious to be treated as equals in society. I am eager to be given everything everyone else gets and that's including criticisms. I do feel we as a group are not equal until we get the same reviews for our media output, the same judgements leveled at us everywhere.
I know historically we have been lynched and burned and prosecuted unfairly for decades and I feel our horrendous history I do. Still does that give us a free pass, now? I know many will argue we have to do ten times the amount an average non ethnic person does to achieve the same outcome. Yeah, that is true, but we are loath to be put under the microscope of criticism that our contemporaries are measured by. Until that time are we equal? We can and should be able to take the heat, without pulling the race card. Our community is complicated and the new paradigm that is being ushered in with Obama's election is going to take some getting used to.
We as a community are not acclimated to harsh criticism without it being tainted by words like "racist, jealousy" what have you.

I am anxious to be free of those limitations. To my peril. Yesterday I withstood some personal attacks and I laugh because honestly no one can hurt me like I can hurt myself and nothing can be said that I have not said to myself, really people?...Do you think I don't know who I am and where I come from?

This is my FB page and blog and if you don't like what is written here then too bad.

It's a free country... last I checked.

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