Monday, June 15, 2009

Intrinsically wrong

There is something intrinsically wrong with fighting a war using robots. War is already a demeaning act that has lost it's honor as weapons became less man to man and more machine to machine. There is something noble and limited with sword play and fists that brought out the futility of fighting. It showed us the warrior the uselessness of force. Once we introduced the gun, the automatic weaponry we were screwed. Now we are fighting with robot manned airplanes that drop ordinance onto everyone, no distinction. So along with the occasional fighter/rebel we wipe out villages filled with elders, women and children,we are evil. Contract fighters men and women who get paid outside the military ie; Blackwater type firms are still very much in use. They are in the "grey" area of the law and Obama has managed to maintain the previous administrations contracts with all of the theses concerns. and it has been proven time and again to create rebels, hatred continues to be expressed everywhere, if we look. So yes, it creates the very thing it is supposed to curtail. Hatred toward the USA. We are farming terrorist by killing unnecessarily the people of the world. I will say the world because it is a mess in a few hot spots. I agree Obama has inherited a huge mess but he needs to reexamine his foreign policies regarding our so called war on terror. Personally I think the brilliant ex vice prez wanted to stick his grubby hand into the US treasury and found a solution when we were attacked on 9/11. It isn't an accident that he had most of the big contracts in Iraq for everything over there all the down to electricity. Shoddy dangerous murderous work KBR has done and it cost us 80 billion dollars. I wish someone would audit what the approximate amount of money he made with his various affiliations.I speak of Dick Cheney. Can't we examine his assets? Trace his various bank accounts. Treat him like the war criminal he is? Please.

Meanwhile Mr. President we need to reexamine everything we are involved in over "there"...we are breeding more trouble then we can handle by being complacent. We are wrong and we need to cut our losses and get out is too late and we lost.

So what!


glt said...

With the way the world has shrunken lately, the various countries and dissident factions could be compared to neighborhood gangs fighting for turf. The human animal seems to be more of a fighter than a lover. This is why I often seem to feel little respect for my own species. If it weren't for hope and blind faith I'd
be even more distraught.

It seems logical to assume that a one world government WILL happen.
A one world police force, if you will. Perhaps it should be us now?
...perhaps we should use the nukes and take over now? Crazy? hmmm...? Maybe. Is it crazier than dragging things out day after day, year after year. Perhaps a few years of massive takeover death and suffering would be better than hundreds of years of daily fret and worry sucking at our spirits and preventing true spiritual evolution. All I'm advocating is thinking about it. Eventually there will be one Government. Why not do it now, or as soon as we can? The United States of Earth???

Tony Bunn said...


Wow!!!! Talk about the potential for corruption never before seen in this universe.....

glt said...

Tb, "Potential" being the key word.
Trying to see the positive potential of what logic dictates is inevitable, I can envision the PEOPLE still having power to rise up and overthrow the corrupt leaders if our 'democratic' republic election process gave way to vile dictatorship.
As it is now, our focus is scattered around the world, like RD is saying.
The fractionalizing weakens our power, and the best we can do most times is to look out for #1, as they say. I think, or suspect, that a people under ONE RULE is the only way to prove to ourselves that we are an inherently good species. We must be united to be integrated...or vice verse...hmmm?

Dwacon® said...

I don't know... as long as we don't allow Skynet to turn on us, the terminators would be better warriors than to send your kids to fight.

But I think that, given how other forms of technology have developed, the FIRST robots will be created to satisfy people's sexual needs.

So save your money... because Mister Big Buzzzz will soon be coming to a Strip Mall near you.

All Puns were unintended...

Rae Dawn Chong said...

GLT ; you do not want one government and TB is right rife with the potential for corruption. Look at Singapore, if one of their judges is found taking bribes or voting a certain way because of influence they are executed in 7 days. He, Lee Kwan Yew did this to try and keep his judges honest. I know that is extreme but I love that he tried to keep things clean. America has a woeful history as far as clean judges. We try though and we keep on trying.

We are in it! and It is exciting...but shudder at the thought of one party rule.

Or Machines fighting our wars.

We need to lose our young to refrain from having war in the first place. Take out the pain how then will we know it isn't good?

glt said...

Dwa? I like yer humor and agree that it would be better to kill machines than people...but, we now have machines killing people! The machine operators are at no risk, as they sit back with their stogies and push buttons.

All of my wild and free friends who got drafted in the '60s, 'in country' or not, came out of it colder, like steel-hardened robots...the 'service' makes a man out of ya? No, it makes robots.

RD, I just saw your comment while previewing this one.

I'm not talking about a dictatorship in this instance,
I'm using our current America as the model...2 party rule.
I'm not sure if you are pro or con Lee Kwan Yew...I think execution is a little extreme but agree with his sentiment. In my proposed scenario
he is not capable of commandeering the world, but Obama IS...or at least closer to being able to do so than any other man!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I am not pro LKY I think he was misguided...but inspired and at least he tried.

In the end Singapore is a dangerous expensive gated community for the billionaires of Asia especially for the Chinese.

glt said...

Leadership is always a stressful occupation. One has to focus ahead for danger and behind for rival attackers, all the while remaining in the now for inspiration.

I don't see how Castro has lasted so long. Maybe because we pretty much ignore him. In my 'new world', he'd have to run for office every 2, 4 or 6 years! As would LKY, and all the kings and queens, presidents , prime ministers, etc.

If we are smart enuf as a whole species to choose those who want to lead over those who crave power, it will be proved. Those who want to lead deserve to live a good stress-free life. It's up to us.

Rae Dawn Chong said...


BTW if anyone want to know where some of my material sourced from go to Rebelreports the Jeremy Scahill blog.


glt said...

I'll bet when you called TB right 'rife' with potential for corruption,
you tickled his ribs! I'm sure it was a peculiar and FUNNY misapplication of language...I think we might agree to vote Tb as world the right situation of today!

Rd? I checked out the blog of Jeremy...right now, mind you, I wish you'd read more poetry and listen to more music...blend all the arts into politics.

love, peace and respect.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Okay GLT you have a point. I just think personally I have been saturated with the arts most of my life so NOW I am leaning toward the WORLD and it's NEWS/POLITICS lately. Go O!!!

We are in a fresh mess and it's hard to be poetic when the end is ever near. Or the end of life as we know it.

Which I am not afraid of. You know? Change.

I just hope I can do what is needed gracefully.