Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Love is thick and gooey and repulsive and addictive and fine. I have so much of it in my life and I give as much as I can. I know I could be even more generous and these days it's all about that. Giving. I like how Angelina has made it uber chic to be a saint, cool even. I like how Madonna is trying her darnedest to catch up to groovy earth mama Angelina. Good luck, of course it's all good if more babies who need adopting were adopted into good homes we would be the better for it. Of course...being a mother is intense difficult work. Satisfying and hard. I had my days when I wanted to return my child to whom ever is in charge in that BIG way. I just wanted to rethink the mothering thing for a week or so. Then something adorable would happen and he would regain my devotion instantly. To say I had no moments of regret would be a lie. I did. I think being a care giver, being a parent is serious work. Love is mighty important and I think many of us reject it on principle we deny it,because it's so sticky gooey and sweet. We find it repulsive not so much love but our intense desire for it.

Love is molasses only better.


glt said...

Better, but just as hard to clean up after! ha ha!

Those uber-saint chicks I think are overpaid and should feel guilty. In the big scheme of things it's the birth parents who are responsible for their offspring until the offspring is dead. I'm just really worried about overpopulation...not worried, pissed off! When will we learn?
Of course it's admirable and good to help people in need, especially the completely helpless until they can stand on their own, so I don't hate them. I just hope they aren't looking for kids to care for them when they get old! It seems money can buy almost anything nowadays...even love...at least the opportunity for love.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I have found if we love and give without thought of reward we are filled with love and if YOU find that isn't true then I would say love more and better and be sure that what you are doing is loving.

I know that we often confuse attention with love and often that isn't it either. These women deserve every single penny they earn for reasons the public doesn't see or know. The amount of attention and stress and subterfuge that goes on in giant careers like theirs is scary.
So much it would kill a giant let alone these are soft (sort of) women.

I think even Madonna has a very sweet core which is hidden inside her outer shell which is pretty tough or grisly her desperate need for constant perfection is almost machine like machine like it's sad really. Still she works hard for the money GLT Don't think otherwise.

I repsect both of them and I love that they are so popular and rich go on girls show us how it's done.

GLT you need to get outside more.

glt said...

Oh Rd, Isn't being filled with love by giving love without thought of reward in itself a reward? We all know that. Still, I think it's a good thing to do.

Even if Angelina was the best actor in the world, and Madonna was the best musician, they'd still be overpaid. My mother was a child social worker and as a youth she involved me daily in her cases. Once she was fearful for her safety and asked me to tag along on a dark rainy night to check on a case. She had much stress...a 24 hour job of it...I think she maxed out at the end of her career around 40,000/yr.

No disrespect...just saying...

ps...on the first topic of pure giving without thought of reward---it's impossible to unknow something. Like Pavlov's dog we expect the reward. It's a sick culture that denounces certain benificial selfish-motivations while trumpeting other more destructive ones like power and greed.

Dwacon® said...

Black strap molasses is a good source of iron.

My parents laid the black strap across my tuchus to soften my head of iron...

Or was it made out of bone?

Kim said...

Yet another beautiful, warm and insightful post Miss Rae :-)

mario said...

personally i found sharing love works better for me

glt said...

yes, but don't forget truth...can't have love without truth, can you?