Friday, June 5, 2009

Popularity and good hair

Today I was mentioned in an article regarding women of color in film. The theory was regarding Hollywood's bias toward light skinned women versus the darker skinned actors. She (the author of the article) feels we who happen to be mixed and light skinned are preferred by Hollywood or the powers that be. Of course I think this depends on the role. Maybe she has a point when it regards the opposite sex and or the interracial combination, maybe. Personally as a light skinned sister I have noticed that darker woman who are large seem to be written for they show up in everything and they make up a lot of the smaller character roles in content. In other words I am referring to the Lorretta Devine type roles BBW who are often sassy and usually not very sexual but if they are sexual they almost never cross over the race divide.

Imagine we are still so obsessed with good hair. It really comes down to "hair". This interracial sensitivity. Who has good hair versus the "weave" or the nappy head.

Personally I think she has a point this writer there is a bias. It starts with the blond Caucasian both men and women and digresses in popularity there. The ethnic woman of age is the last one to be considered we just get crumbs. Age and race and sexuality a lethal combo one much ignored.

It makes me sad but hey no complaining here. I have had a brilliant time and who knows what I have left to do in film (I have no idea) some moments I feel like there is a lot more. Other moments I can see never stepping in front of a camera again.

It's not my business to worry about it. It feel out of my control everything in my life.

I do think it's fascinating how we divide and separate. I think we are animals and we function as if.

I think there is nothing wrong with a preference or preferences. Its what makes life sweet, we get to choose. I am keen on the Internet leveling the playing field a lot more. It feels like here we get an opportunity to circumvent the Hollywood Agent manager clique who in my opinion are extremely uncreative and clique-ish.

Like high school yet like high school I am not convinced being popular is such a cool thing.

In the long run.

Like the high school big man on campus who is a used car sales man today.

I think being an outlier has big benefits.

Of course I have to think that to maintain my dreams.


Miss Mapp said...

What an interesting post and you raised dimensions that I just never perceived - thank you.
Seems to me you have more beauty inside you and if that's you in the photo - wow - way more beauty on the outside too than loads of people. Go get that life!

glt said...

When I had long curly beautiful fine black hair everybody loved me...
now that I'm a bald old guy, they all hate me! Ha's not really that bad---but there is a definite difference in what people deem attractive and pleasingly non-disturbing.

As a painter, I hated having to kiss up to dealers and patrons, so I didn't...I'm probably lucky I sold anything at all. And as a musician, dealing with the bully money guy con-artists who will lie thru their teeth to get you to play for thanks.

Yeah, I hope new Obama directions can bring out some good people and some good IN people.

I know you'll do what you need to do, Rae. You got the power!

glt said...

The big men on my high school campus all turned into starched shirted robots, martyrs to their trade.
Heartless, money-grubbing weasels!
I met up with one my best competitive sports friends recently for a reunion.
He's not a bad person. He's just wasted his life and he knows it.
Our class is having a 65th 'birthday' party in a couple of weeks...I've GOT to make myself go...and with a good attitude! All my best friends from the class are dead, of course! They're dropping like flys! Ce la vie! Que sera, sera!

mario said...

popularity...never been able to understand the dynamics of what makes 1 popular...what is it that attracts throngs to a person repels some to others? good question, guess u can tell i was'nt mr popular...lot of the popular people i grew up a long side were jerks

Dwacon® said...

It is funny your comment about agents (and I would add some producers) being UN-CREATIVE and such.

Would a person without scientific abilities be able to excel in science or medicine?

But with the internet the game is changing. We went from the Cecil de Mille and Otto Preminger age to big business running the game... but now a teenager with a Mac, a camera and some FX software can create art.

So, Miss Rae... you know what to do...


Ryanaldo said...

you have great hair in all its incarnations, Rae Dawn.

Take the high road of Kevin Beacon: take supporting roles in interesting movies. and only do nudity if it is the adaptation of a critically acclaimed novel!