Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am tired.
Too tired to write.


frenchwoman said...

Oh!! You alright? Good rest

Tony Bunn said...

Rae, my dear,

Your "pooped-ness" is indeed an infrequent occurrence. However, judging from your output, you're deserving of a break :o). I too have been busier than anticipated (it's tough work changing the world), so this is my first visit to your realm in a while.

Will catch U next time.... Rest and enjoy it!!

Just wanted to say hi.

Peace & Strength,
Tony B.

Dwacon® said...

You prolly should have chosen different words.

Google put an advertisement for “Diarrhea Questions” on your page -- prolly because you said pooped.

Don’t worry... we understand.

Snik, snik...

mario said...

have a nice break Rae and look forward to ure posts..u definately deserve far back as i can remember its been a post a day and i feel very fortunate to be a part of it..... .best wishes Mar