Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Health and wealth and all things true I am certain if I had to choose my health over lots of cash I would choose my health. If I had to choose my health for my freedom I would still choose to be healthy.I can always find a way internally to be free even if it meant some kind of containment. My ability to move freely and do sports and to sleep well matter. So its crushing that we are in the health care debate and that finally the entire establishment of health care is being outed because it is about illness and less about prevention. This is important. As a country as a collective we shouldn't be fooled by the price tag when we compare the cost of WAR for example. We would have so much free medical care with the price tag of the Iraq war alone enough for many generations. So it's gutting and stupid to pretend that the bigger issue regarding medical coverage and care for people is the cost. No the bigger issue is busting open the price gouging in every sector of the AMA. Are those prices really reflective of the true root value of the services? NO! It is a small group of men who hold the purse strings and have benefited who are desperate to keep this cash cow flowing their way. I noticed yesterday a commercial for medical coverage for 3.00 a day. So the industry is already working hard to compete. We Americans should be a lot madder then we are regarding the condition of our public services. I hope we wake up soon. I hope we see through the rhetoric scaring less informed and lazy people into thinking we will become socialist. When we all know most of don't even know what a real socialist is.

So lets keeping harping for one pay...lets do this.

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