Sunday, June 28, 2009

Juicy stuff

Sexual misconduct with minors is a diffcult weird uninvestigated illness.
Add in celebrity and you have a bigger problem it all boils down to not getting the help THAT person needs. I understand that once a person becomes skewed toward this behavior it's nearly impossible to change them. Yesterday someone on this thread brought up the need for safety in reporting. They feel rightly that a person who is battling this illness (sex with children) doesn't have resources to deal with the problem. Truth be told no one has real resources to deal with mental illness every where we look in every pocket of society we have major mental unbalance. People walking around in critical mental disease...not getting help.

Recently a dear friend was lamenting his life because he cannot make a decision with it. He cannot find a job or career that thrills him. I think there is a lot of pent up stuff preventing peace. How does one get that "stuff" out of the way? I only know one way and that is with help. We need help all of us. We need someone or two or three to help get perspective. On the other hand there are many therapists who are not up to the job or it's too expensive. Our current system, our medical system fails the majority of us by not making it easier to get counseling. This is why we need "ONE PAY" or Universal health care. This is why.

The creepy part of Micheal Jackson's life is that he had resources. I think he didn't have the intelligence to get help. I am not speaking in terms of just himself. I am speaking to the people around him. I think the tragedy is he made people rich, too much money for anyone to step up and say enough with the children and the sleep overs. No one wanted stop their money train, which was MJ. Sad, all of it super sad. I loved his music and I think he will be remembered for it too, and he will be remembered for the other stuff. It's just the way it should be.

Meanwhile we need help here in America. We need great mental health programs and availability to them. We need it to be fairly priced affordable for all. We need help, here, VOTE yes to Universal medical.

Call the local senators write, donate to Move something.


suzi said...

What were the parent's of these children thinking when they left them there to spend the night?

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Celebrity makes asses out of the best of us including greedy weird parents.

Dwacon® said...

To quote one of my favorite movies: “Black people don’t do therapy... we go to church.”

But, seriously folks... giving a person unlimited resources feeds his demons...

Look at Hendrix, Joplin, Belushi, Farley... those things that make them great can also be those things that destroy them.

I wonder how the greats... Caeser, Berle, Burns... how they made it through such long careers without skeletons dancing out of the closet and doing the can can?


mark v said...

We definitely need National Health Insurance, I agree. People with mental illness of all kind have to pay way too much for a chemical imbalance that is not their fault. Being an OCD sufferer myself I have to spend $100 on medication and more on doctor bills. What is worse is the current health insurance companies raise your bill a lot due to preexisting condition. It really is a shame.

Anyway I enjoy reading your blogs very much and keep up the good work online and in your career. You are a wonderful person.