Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am guilty, yesterdays post wasn't the most sensitive especially to the Afghans. They can't just get up and move the Taliban so I apologize profusely to the entire population of Afghanistan. I do know that as a culture they are wise and family oriented and they care deeply for their land and we who invade (try to) cause more pain and suffering...we never learn. Not from Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great. We just don't listen. I think it is easy to be worried and xenophobic.

We can't just withdraw from these areas we have to gently pullout. Ha...sounds sexual sadly. I hate equating violence and sex and yet?

Now we wait and see...pomegranates are my favorite fruit and word has it that is where it originated Afghanistan.

I feel pain for everyone who has to live in war torn places. I cannot imagine the devastation and or the pressures. I cannot and to say I can would be insensitive.

I want to go and support and relieve the people everywhere who are victims of war.

I want the West to behave. I am sad we have a North Korea problem and I am curious what we will do about them.

Burma and the Burmese suffer in near silence and here we are all running scared.

Is it natural and right?

Is this what we are? War devastation?

Haiti, The Congo Delta? Gaza? Iraq?



frenchwoman said...

Very beautiful mea culpa, courageous, and your awakening is all with your honor, noble soul

glt said...

'Ain't gonna study war no more'...

It's very depressing.

Today's youth need to unite and spur the administration to good things with protest like in the '60s. I think the baby boomers are too sickly.