Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poetry and beauty

Yesterday I felt sad and called out (GLT) that I may be focused too much on world events and not enough on the joys, and the beauty of life. Although it's kind of shallow to be sort of "La dee da"about things when it does feel some what acute our current affairs both domestically and abroad. We should remember things have a way of working out and adjusting. Still I said something I wholeheartedly mean which is I hope I can make the transitions gracefully. Everyday I want to completely overhaul my day to day existence. I am not certain exactly what changes I crave but I am definitely hankering for something new.

The idyllic beauty that I live in is wonderful certainly but I can't help but listen to the pundits and get riled up. I am supremely bugged that we have become THE gossip the world over because our financial situation is so messed up and places like Iran are gloating.

I want to drag the last administration into the office of the uber principal of life and punish them for exposing us this way.

We helped the Afghans take the Russians down and now they are returning the favor.

We will never learn pride does cometh before the fall.

Meanwhile there is hope,I am seeing more women on television and not all of them are dumb pole dancing morons.

It's refreshing. Praise to; Nurse Jackie.

My new fave.


glt said...

Not sure what happened yesterday, but I'm fine. Those pundits rile me up too. I'm not watching them near as much as before. Haven't seen Nurse Jackie yet.

Keep on keepin'on...
Change might be hankerin' for you too!

mario said...

it's unfortunate that becasue of a few it skews peoples opinion of a country or nation...

glt said...

I sense impatience...
a daily overhaul seems excessive for a machine such as a car...
but the human body in it's breathloving magnificence,
overhauls itself naturally with sleep, and dreams that heal the mind. If we let go and allow ourselves, we can become the most magnificent life form!

I DID watch Mahr on Olbermann last night...and only felt loving sadness as he pined over Obama's reluctance to be more audacious.

I understand tho... he could very easily be assassinated if he steps over the line. Bill said we fear that Stalin himself will be administering prostate exams!(socialized medicine)
Funny but true. At least symbolically.

Patience is a virtue I have yet to conquer by myself. It's so hard to determine when it required?