Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When I hear stories about children being used in Afghanistan as mules as smugglers for profit. The bulk of the cash earned going to drug lords child slave laborers. Tiny little kids as young as ten facing border crossings and inhuman conditions and worse. All of this for money to simply feed their families. So I wonder is there a GOD and why are some of us more fortunate then others?

How is it that these families have to allow this to happen? Simple they are starving so the word goes and they need the income. Otherwise they cannot scrape by...and they are scraping by. Some complained that before the US offered aid in place of their poppy growing operation things were much better only the aid never made it, they claim they had a way to make some money then. Since we are at war on drugs and everyone else these people are suffering still waiting for the "Aid' meanwhile they have to pimp their children to smuggle and sell illicit goods for strangers to strangers in another country.

How can there be a a so called loving GOD if this is happening? Why are we so damn loyal to "Him"? I know child abuse is everywhere and it is happening here and it's horrible.

I wish there was a way to know that life truly was eternal and that our souls were truly everlasting and there really is a broader perspective. That we are just working out our destiny our misery and abuse and despair.

Because if this is all there is and some people deeply argue the that this is "it". Well then life is too harsh and I am sad for everyone here on Planet Earth suffering and dying and being tortured and hurt. I know it is planet wide.

We need torture? We need imprisonment? We do?

According to some if it is here then it is needed...I am not so sure.


Dwacon® said...

It isn't just God... there are people who have free will to do good or evil... and then there is the thief.

Life is a test... but it is an open book test...

glt said...

We need radical uprising like in Iran.
Millions of young people swarming the streets willing to die for truth and love.

glt said...

Hi Rd, I think it's a good idea to crosspost yer blogs onto facebook like you just takes a little time to widen a path for all the faithful. It's a magical time for creativity change. I'm feeling it.
TB's feelin'it with his new cd, You're feelin' it with the Radio Show Blog! Man! It's like new true voice authenticity time in the planets!

Love and truth!

glt said...

uh oh.

MJ died.

Sorry, I know you used to know and have a crush on him.

CRAZY times...
they're dropping like flies.
I'm not scared tho.
Maybe, we'll be one of the lucky ones
and pass quickly.

Either way, I'm not scared.