Monday, June 8, 2009

The New deal

Joseph Pulitzer warned us he said "the day corporations run the country will be the beginning of the end". He knew once corporations dominated Government we the people would suffer. It is true. We can trace all of the countries suffering from corporate over runs, from systemic bullying. Once and until campaign funding from corporations becomes illegal we will always have a conflict of interest.

Is it me or are the critiques of Obama searching for almost anything to scream "failure" at his administration and his family and finally to him. I get riled up when I think about the wreck the previous team left for us here in America. I wonder aloud some times saying "how dare they complain" about this intelligent man. Oh sure he is human and capable of misstepping and he has made huge mistakes.
I disagree with him on Afghanistan I think we need to pull out of there and cut our losses. I think the Taliban can have it and I think if the people there don't like the Taliban then they should leave, or figure it out or get rid of them.

I am not interested in being "Hall monitor" for the rest of the world. I think it is a pompous stance and I think it alienates us and it's BS we are not that flush or capable. Its like a distraction of more serious issues. Our lack of values.
No there is too much to accomplish here at home. Our health care system is flawed. It needs a revolution and it needs it yesterday.

Our Agriculture business is lacking, our food safety monitoring systems are in need of repair. We are desperate to become producers again we need to model ourselves after the best from other places like Denmark and Sweden and Holland maybe Germany.

We here in America need work.

So this being the middle East moderator seems futile and self serving and the only reason we give two shakes is oil and I suppose that is reason enough to still be involved.

I tell you if Israel (some in Israel) could they would nuke everyone who threatens them.

I love my Israeli pals and feel I am by nature not anti Semitic.

I am just sick of the conflict there and I think they should stop the settlement expansion and how dare they do what they are doing in Gaza! Keep the original agreements please! Being raised by Shelly Bergman most of my life I feel Jewish Spiritually.

Yet, I can disagree with policy and and at the same time NOT be anti Semitic.

I get sick of all of us jumping on or using the race card. Complaining about what is obviously a go to position "race" but it' s weak and unintelligent.

We need a serious new deal. We need to over haul everything here in America. get off the couch and off the highways and ride a bike everywhere.

We need to re-establish contact with our family and friends and have more face time less computer or texting or whatever takes us away.

We need to stop eating so much, start by banning food commercials on the television.

Stop over isn't helping us.

What is helping us is maintaining, encouraging community caring about each other, loving each other and sharing this gorgeous Planet with everyone in the spirit of renewal and giving it a fighting chance for our future generation.

This is home.


glt said...

So much wrong with us.

My biorhythms are way down so I can't solve it all right now, but I agree on banning food commercials--especially National Franchises!!!
I wish they would ALL go away.

We didn't listen to Eisenhower either("Beware the military industrial complex)...I can't remember when we did listen to wise words here in this country.

glt said...

Corporations were invented and forced on us because the corporate laws that accompanied them took all responsibility off of the individual...
Now they punish(take money from)non-individuals(huh?) and put PEOPLE in jail...but only a few 'examples' of PEOPLE, so as to not appear crooked themselves and possibly lose the next election. I'm talking about the power mongers. I'm talking about the greedy macho men(and some women now)with sexual disfunction probablities in the high 90%tile range....the guys out to prove that their dick is bigger than all the rest. These guys will stop at nothing other than complete subserviant humiliation. They need to be hung by the balls and forced to wash dishes at McDonalds. Uh oh! I mean wash styrofoam containers! Bastards!

smfthemes said...

I disagree with what you have said about Israel. Israel has not shown a desire to abuse their power.

Mike Dammann

glt said...

Smuffitimes? You think nuking people is an abuse of power? Ha Ha!

It can be an act of kindness if applied incisively, destroying mindless killers in favor of thoughtful saviors.