Thursday, June 4, 2009


There is a theory that we need or must investigate every trauma in our past history that if we leave things alone without making some sort of peace with the impact or some sort of understanding with it that it will haunt us. we will be forced to revisit things as the fallout wreaks havoc on our lives when we least expect it when we least can handle the situation or in the most destructive way.

Okay, some people as usual can and do abuse this too. They will indulge in some cases bludgeon everyone in their way with their childhood hurts and some people I have known will use their history as an excuse to be a jerk. Not cool and hurtful to anyone who doesn't have this intention. So balance...plunge investigate and grow from there, not dwell.

Example; you were raised by a dominant sadistic parent whose behavior was stunting and violent and as a small child undefended you were victimized.Yes you survive just barely but now as an adult you have years of abuse to sift through and you choose not to look into the impact or to deconstruct the defense mechanisms you needed then but not now, so what inevitably happens is the defenses are not deconstructed they keep working only now you are safe and out of harms way but parts of you are still "on" and working perilously creating new problems. So things happen to you to your system that create pressures or illness. Because as a rule defense systems are complex and effective and when no longer needed destructive. Yet our society doesn't support this kind of work as normal you run to the doctors or land in the hospital wondering why you have unexplained symptoms etc...Still in our society we hardly ever take a wholistic look at our "physical problems " as potentially sourcing from emotional, or psychic damage done decades earlier.

Ahhh but if we are blessed and there is some fortunate encouragement guidance we can begin immediately to deconstruct these complex systems. Yes,we can begin to dismantle the out of date defenses and release some of the pressures and reacquaint ourselves with parts of our being we may never have met before. We get to release the scary dark "secret" self which always 100% turn out to be not so scary dark or necessary to keep secret because we are now safe.

It is valuable work it should be embarked on with care and with strong help/ers who have integrity and are spiritually grounded. Not religious per se; just a good respect for the unknown.

So I encourage looking deeply into whatever ails us...not just addressing the body but encompassing the soul,heart and head too.

We deserve it, it is our divine right to be whole.


glt said...

Yes, we must lead inward with an unrelenting quest for truth. No circling the tip of the ice berg.
We must burn into it and melt it completely. No b.s.

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frenchwoman said...

evils of the body, evils of the heart, the heart. That is so difficult to put words on these symptoms, it is often necessary of the assistance and especially the desire for going on an interior journey, with the risk to suffer, after one feels it better is on, at least one learns how to live with, our pains must make us grow, to advance, but they will remain in us on us, such tattooing undoubtedly, these pains do also what we become, good bad, fragile hard etc…. and it is necessary especially I believe to like and to believe in the life, to like the others, their glances often alleviate, to believe in oneself.

it is the book of the life

A friend had written one day to me a text “the words to explain the evils” in french "les mots pour expliquer les maux" the title was astute

mario said...

chakra work i've found very to be very good and pretty accurate

mario said...

maybe i need some literature work hehe take the 1st 'very' uota the above comment...there that was pretty therapuetic

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Not to knock Chakra work but it's pretty hard to get to the scary stuff we have hidden when we work energetically only...I think it's vital to do a combination of those things certainly include energetic work by all means but we must back it up with inquiry and or good ol' therapy as in one on one talk.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

By all means commit to a lengthy time with ones helper/therapist.
I think it's nearly impossible to get in deep with less then a couple of years work.

Just my opinion. Most who dabble (a couple of sessions or less)don't really get there...I think when we want to quit or when we want to murder the therapist well that's when the work begins...when we feel pushed like a wild animal agaisnt the wall "Metaphorically" of course.

glt said...

Yes! You and the helper must have gained trust enuf not to relent until the 'wild animal' is released from it's cage! I wish it was feasible for everyone to find hard core therapeutic situations like this.
Good help is hard to find and financially out of reach for so many, since it's not really popular with the scientific community at this time. Don't think most "health care plans" cover it for 'functional' people.
Small group(10 or less)therapies can work wonders too, but everyone must be committed to do what it takes to "get well"...and complete trust must accompany ANY serious work.

I find energy work to be helpful in staying healthy and in touch with oneself and beneficial external energies, but not sure how much it connects us to one another...working with others and a variety of techniques, will do so.

glt said...

The corporate execs have their retreats, but I would like to see a world where every person could and would attend a therapeutic intensive retreat for one month of each year.
It should be staffed with trusted professionals with many specialties, including physicians. One month per year to get in touch with the truth and nothing but the truth. One month to relate face to face, and hug to hug ONLY! No tv, internet, no driving, no bills, no shopping, etc...

Ah! I'm allowed to dream...

The war people wouldn't want to fight...the 'welfare' people would want to contribute... We could use most of those excess dollars to support the idea of "everymanwoman" yearly health sessions that put us in direct contact with the great earth and the great people.

Problem solved.

For FW--

"Sur la pente du talus les anges tournent leurs robes de laine dans herbages d'acier et d'emeraude."

From Mystique by Arthur Rimbaud

(On the slope of the knoll angels whirl their woolen robes in pastures of emerald and steel.)

I don't speak French but I love it, and Mr Rimbaud's poems.

Cheers to all!

frenchwoman said...


Thank you very much for this French poetry, I love A.Rimbaud. Thank you for the furnished effort that given pleasure

For what you say previously I am completely agreement with you that would be perfect