Monday, June 22, 2009

Excited to serve

I have made a decision to become certified as a physical trainer. I know, at first I was a bit nervous and embarrassed but I love training personally and many of my tennis pals ask to come along when I am lifting weights so many that I can at one time or another have as many as six people training with me. So I decided at the urging of my own personal trainer to get certified. I have been afraid of doing anything other then what I have been doing for 35 years. I think I have been frozen in fear scared I am useless unless I am acting exclusively. So now I am finding more satisfaction in writing and communicating (talk radio) and training. So there it is my future. Movement and teaching and talking and sharing this great process called life.

It is scary to commit to something new, I get a bit nervous, no good reason, but its change which makes me feel fragile and exposed and , scared. Nonetheless I am excited to get my books and start studying. I so love everything to do with the body and exercise. I love, love, love finding that point where I am deeply challenged and wanna quit but don't as I make it to the other side. I feel so damn accomplished and being super vain it is so much nicer to be exposed with a fit body wearing a bikini, joy to do that without fear. You know? Plus being so close to 50 I am still aiming on keeping myself HOT. Okay? Yes call me shallow but I feel Jack La Lanne is on to something at 90 and still pumping iron. This is one habit my beloved Dad gave me. A love of sport , weights and all.
Wow today is a day of beginnings I have the radio show this evening and this...


glt said...

Wonderful! Maybe you'll inspire me to exercise more like I need to do.

Kim said...

Blessings to you on your new journey, Rae!
I admire your fearless spirit.



glt said...

15 after and nothing's happening.
Is the show on?

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I am not sure I recorded. Although some people heard me some did not it's a bit tricky.

I think I can get a link for the down load or in an hour or so you can download and listen at blogtalkradio.


Thanks GLT

glt said...

Ok, you are great!
this blogradio site sucks!
I don't see any connection to facebook? I had to go to yer wall and click on 'RSS feed' to even listen the last 40 minutes of yer show. And they wouldn't let me sign in to comment. The volume was too low overall, and erratic between you and the callers.

Other than seems you've found a true voice calling! You were magnificent! Damn 'sweet pea'
you talk better than you write. Perfect punctuation! har har...

You need to tell us on the blog and facebook the techniques of how to get involved...I thought the show would just pop up with any action on my part...stupid, I guess.
And advertise more on facebook!
I want tb, mario, cath b, and the rest jumpin' in there. So complicated. Next move, real radio opposite Limbaugh!

Art in LA next week? hmmm. I've had a little experience there with the snobs in Sherman Oaks...ha ha!

LOve the show! Your voice and mind are beautifully integrated.

mario said...

fitness is integral to my lifestyle...i stopped racing bikes for a long stretch almost 8 yrs and felt tired all the time like there was something important missing...did'nt know what it was until i went out for a fun ride and rediscovered cycling...i'll never do that again...i'm thankful i actually enjoy exercise and dont feel its something have to do..its my lifes passion amongst other things but the thing i dedicate most time and energy having that coffee after a long ride...change is scary but exciting and believe me i wish id done it more.. .i like this saying...."Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway" John Wayne

mario said...

i listened in the last few mins only just got up haha...felt the subject matter was a little outta my league but i could hear it loud and clear...yes u sounded really good rae..great vocal range.... niicccceee

Kim said...

Rae, your first show was AWESOME!!!!
You are truly gifted.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

My BFF Chris said I need to listen more...I gab a bit too much (I will) plus try to keep it more focused...I will.

Over all it was so much fun for me.
I will get better at it/this I promise.

I am also getting a better phone mike. My phone is cheap and the sound, it sucked.

To speak you have to dial in, you have to call me at 347 677 0640

Or don't add anything and download it later from BTR or ITunes.