Saturday, June 13, 2009

Desperate times call for...

I feel for Iran their young, the attentive, the desperate who did not vote for Ahmedinajad. He is a troubled man in a very sad and frustrated place. I listened to very well educated caring Iranians who expressed frustration and sadness and a desire to get off the hard line against the US and to have a moderate come into power. These being people who want to make a living not war, who are motivated by commerce not dominance. It is a sad day and many people will be killed demonstrating. We struggled through 8 years and two corrupt elections and thankfully the crassness of the corruption began the shift here in America that we are seeing. Sure this period (Obama) may not last it could be "cut down". Somehow I think the unknown effects the unknowable (magic) has already begun the healing toward a better way of living.

Although moments ago I watched a women driving her Escalade alone...with the license reading essentially "hockey Mom". I wondered if she was one of the disbelievers of Global warming. She seemed unaware. Or maybe she is aware but she doesn't give a care...there are millions like this.

No, my focus today is IRAN, my sympathies go out to the demonstrators and I am sad and fearful for them.

Spirit /soul gives me hope. No matter how much the "powers" that be try to dominate they fail ultimately. The Young and unhappy take to the streets and they change things...look what happened here.


glt said...

...hmmm...desperate measures? Somehow we've woven our fabric too tight. We sense that it's bullet proof, in our grand delusion. In truth, all it does is seal in our toxins, and repel the gentle energies. We tighten and squeeze ourselves for heart attacks and strokes of war smeared with harsh, violent colors. "Guernica" was mono-chromatic for a reason. Only the warriors see the colors. Unprotected tadpoles shrivel and die on the canvas. Most people need protection.

Tony Bunn said...

There's a saying that goes "I might not always be right, but I'm NEVER wrong".

As for your pain, sadness and concern over the well-being of demonstrators who act in the name of change, be not sorry; but rather, be OVERJOYED --- for they have chosen to elevate the cause of liberation of Spirit over the concerns of the material. For us to feel pain in their stead is for us to act in a way that attempts to tie spirit to the past.

Although the power structures against which liberators might demonstrate will perhaps deem them to be "not right", the Truth knows that ones who act in such a fashion are NEVER wrong.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I wasn't clear...I am not sad they fight for freedom and justice. NO, I am sad they will be executed for being RIGHT.

Thanks for focusing my point.