Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where am I?

Someone recently blogged about my where abouts. I am America. I am not living in Los Angeles and I think it may have a negative impact on my visibility no doubt. Plus I am represented by a very, very small agency and lets face it Hollywood doesn't do older women of color well. Maybe it's my fault living where I do and I may be out of practise (acting wise) although I don't think that is possible. I just try to control eyebrow acting, as in don't do that,pushing,being too big. I am happy where I am. I love making films and television and I hope to remain viable but on my own terms. It's harder and it is taking a lot longer then I had hoped but I feel drawn to this journey. I want to do it my way. Having said that I hope my show idea sells and I get my act together and mount the web episodes of Kings college. Oh I have plans. Meanwhile blogging and having a life on the Internet is fun and keeps me happily connected.

Oh sure my punctuation could be improved but this feels like the future. This out of Hollywood communicating feels RIGHT. Broadcast television is dead. I think standard distribution of films is dead. I think the web will save Hollywood and make it accessible to everyone so merit and talent will float to the top and in saying that it smashed the boundaries of "insider Hollywood". I am no longer an insider but I am just as sharp ,sexy smart and talented as the early days and my work just keeps getting better.

I am here...riding the next wave.

See you there.


mario said...

takes alot o courage to do what ure hearts telling u especiay when money is sacrificed...ive been doing it for yrs myself to have more of a work/life balance...i coud never jump back on the band wagon even tho sometimes doubts creep in now i sleep better feel better and heathier as am able to do my sport more.. the funny thing is theres reay not much difference i sti travel and do the same things i just dont have a huge morgage to pay off...i think 1 can find other means of income its out there u just gotta look for ideal is to leverage do less gain more...

glt said...

Yes, courageous and honorable to live by your own standards, rather than plunge into the abyss where vanity and self-doubt attempt to imitate life. I believe it might devour one's soul.

Tony Bunn said...

We're living in an age in which all of the old (and very illusory) rules no longer apply; and I'm very glad to be one of those who's "older", yet still young enough (of spirit) to be able to thoroughly enjoy the modern climate --- the choices being either self-determinism or slavery.

Although I trained as a musician from early childhood, I bought into the illsuion of "security" that was provided by abandoning the rough-n-tumble lifestyle of the musician for a job (which quickly turned into several jobs) in the technology industry --- now, I'm (happily) all musician again.

As the work-a-day world is becoming increasingly less secure (in just about every aspect imaginable), I thank God that my early training was in the rough-n-tumble; for those who would've been my masters saw early on that I don't do slavery so well.

Older is definitely better, for one now knows what are the true rules of this existence.

Continue to cultivate peace with and within yourself, Rae; for nothing but goodness will follow therefrom --- and all that is yours will find its way to you!

By the way, if you're in the Philadelphia/ Baltimore/ Washington area on June 27th, please come on out to the celebration of the release of my new album, "Small World" --- I think you'll enjoy what transpires on that night. And not only that, it would be great to finally meet you, in person --- if not then, then soon.

Peace & Strength,
Tony B.

Dwacon® said...

We'll soon be scheduling auditions for a reboot of a classic TV series. The reboot of Battlestar Galactics was such a success, we want to do it up by combining two TV classics, "That's My Mama" and HBO's "The Corner." We're calling it...

*** That's My Crackhead Mama ***

Ryanaldo said...

you're really good with Michael Keaton. try to make another movie with Michael Keaton.

Ken Murray said...

Hi Rae:

Your absolutely beautiful and age just adds that much more beauty. Your kindness, courage and friendship to others will bring you more than anything else.

If you're ever interested in being invited to any Charity golf tournaments please let me know. I would love to see you there.

A fan forever,