Friday, June 26, 2009


There is a strange feeling I have right now and immediately after hearing about MJ passing, and that is elation. I felt relief and happiness for him in the most pure way. It was moments later when someone reminded me that he had three children and there I felt sadness for them. Him, I feel only happiness and hope that he will be better able to handle his demons and maybe find a race and a sex that matches him and where ever we end up after transitioning I hope it is clear and free and peaceful.
I am sad for everyone including myself who had the Jackson 5 as back drop and inspiration and now we are left without, him.

These last few decades were unkind to him starting in the 90's and there is nothing we can whitewash regarding that. It was a weird end for a talented but damaged man/boy.
I understand all of his records are selling like crazy now and i hope that will help his family the three little ones. I hope so...I hope there is a rainbow at the end of this journey.

I love MJ especially the little guy I met 43 years ago...

He will be missed,he has been missed.


glt said...

I feel a pall on the world energy.
It's really weird.

I wasn't a fan.
He was supremely overrated, musically.
He super-hyped himself into
god-like status separate from his art.

It's really a bizzaro sensation,
this worldwide grief mixed with hype
and insanity.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

It's acultural thing for an African American person who is 45plus he was a semi god. It's true he is overrated as all celebrity is but he was also an idol to many especially when he was younger and his sexual misdeeds unreported and maybe unknown.

So I can understand the tears and sadness I think it is deeper then MJ I think it has to do with everything...

glt said...

I think you're right.
..."it has to do with everything."
Perhaps we need an easy excuse
to feel easy emotions.
Reality can be very difficult.

Damn, tho! Now I'm curious
about the "sexual misdeeds unreported..." You're a little devil!!!


Dwacon® said...

Mike was human.

Gifted, of course.

But we love our celebs on a pedestal, don't we?

IsleVentures said...

I don't claim to know the TRUTH of sexual misdeeds Personally. I do know he was a major target to be exploited and that he was eccentric to be sure. I don't think he was a bad person for trying to adjust his looks. If he looked like you Rae I doubt that would have been an issue for him. I am very "live and let live" when a person wishes to be tattooed or get breast enhancements, or just wear heavy makeup. He was a brilliant artist. Not over rated. To say he was, is just incorrect. You can't become a King of Pop by accident.

We all have wounds we inherit in life. What we all do not have is compassion and understanding. At least not all the time. He was not convicted in the court but was in the court of public opinion.

Our severe crucifixion of even mild sexual issues, is why people are so secretive and get sicker instead of help. Help that could stop them from having victims not to mention turning their lives around too btw.

People cry off with their heads for fear of being labeled a sympathizer or "One of THEM". I'm for results not revenge. Of course nobody wants kids to be hurt, damaged for life, or worse but that's a separate issue. I don't make light of it at all. Quite the contrary.

It comes down to what works. That is how we can begin to stop crimes yet to be committed. Take a look at the people around you and see if anyone shows signs of needing a confidential friend who can help them get sorted out. It's just another disease of isolation. It manifested and is mechanically no different from any other common human habit, addiction, neurosis or what have you. Including hate and judgement. Humans are made from character defects and it's up to us to change our actions despite that FACT. Sex is a powerful driving force and is easily the area effected just as food, drugs, and alcohol. In my case, being a "Know it All. lol

A Comedic Author, With Rat Training Tendencies said...

rDc- I can't fathom the idea of the amount of media involved in this family's lives. How anyone can WANT that kind of attention is unbelievable to me- yet as a comedian- I get the e level of it. I keep hearing, "David Carradine's family must be happy..." yeah. sure. not even close. Can you have a real grieving time when the world is focused on it,too? It's just unbearable. (says the grief counselor) R...I sort of had the same's finally over for him, but the kids are always and will always be just as Lisa Marie was- the "kid of the king". Just sad for them.