Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Faith full

We are confident about how our lives should work because we function from a set of familiar outcomes. Once in a while a surprise pops up and throws us out of sync. We shudder and in the best of cases get up dust ourselves off and carry on our way. Worse for wear but nonetheless whole and certainly more experienced.

Still there are moments in our day to day existence that challenge us to trust to go boldly into the void of uncertainty and prosper. It makes me happy to know my entire life has been like this but at times I shudder with fear when I honestly don't know what is coming and where I will be...it's a mystery.

Okay,I think it is my job and this is my only job;

To stay in the allowing mode or vibration. Period.

Oh that sounds so airy fairy and it is...but it is all we can do.
Especially today with everything falling apart.

Watching the news last night and seeing people who counted on the permanence of GM only to discover all of their life savings are worthless and they are not young any longer with no idea of where they will get their retirement from.

This is the challenge facing all of us. Finding ways to contribute to prosper to be productive late in life. Not easy but worth our attention and if we are clever and open it is a world of opportunity.

I have no easy answer and my intention in this piece is not to give a solution or a pat answer or some new age platitude. No it is to say I am sitting in the unknown with you. I have no idea what I am doing. NONE.

I have no idea what is next.

I am just happy to be in the present...the now.

I offer it as a very valuable place and yes creditors are calling and bills are due but here in the NOW...it is rich.

It is our life...it is all we have.

So our job is to choose carefully how we fill it. We get to pick, fill it with
with stress or trust/faith.

I choose Faith.

Not because I am religious but because I am human.


BC boy said...

Sad that things change. What goes up must come down. There is product invention, development, maturity and decline. A natural cycle of life. I guess the trick is knowing when to get out of something, but GM was so big and until recently the strongest of all. But today was a sunny day and the sun will rise tomorrow and I will greet the day looking to help someone fulfill thier dreams. The longer I stand still looking at the disaster, the longrer it'll take to get it rebuilt. I better get started right away.
Have a great day!!

frenchwoman said...

Beautiful note rae, realy

mario said...

ive had a lot of bad luck recently expensive things breaking losing big chunks of money...i did'nt get or understand why it was happenning since i hadnt done anything to contribute to the loss...in fact i'd done everything right covering all o my bases... i was downright frustrated and confused...i still dont really understand it however what i've become aware of is how quickly my mind now comes up with alternative plans and solutions and i think it has a direct link to these events...its almost like building armour, armour for the mind to survive...i donno thats just my take on things

glt said...

"Horseless carriages" kill about 40,000 Americans /year by collisions alone. It's impossible to know how many are made sick and die from the toxic fumes. I don't like big businesses in cahoots with big government to keep the little moms and pops down and out...it's fascist, or some such thing. And the stock market is like betting horses...sometimes they break a leg, and you lose! We are certainly a messed up species and I have no idea why I still have faith! We need to stop catering to a-holes and get science and decent folks fixing things up immediately!

glt said...

We need lightweight solar-electric atomic NERF cars...get rid of gas and combustion and the heavy killer oilmen...

Dwacon® said...

Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for...

Faith is the EVIDENCE of things we cannot yet see...