Sunday, June 21, 2009


Senator Lyndsey Graham from North Carolina is a dumb A*% he doesn't know the difference between Supreme leader of Iran and its president Ahkmedenajad (no difference in rhetoric just different men) or that the Supreme leader is an Ayatollah. Thankfully he is one of the leading voices of the Republican party because if this is the best they have then we Democrats are doing fine. I am sick of hearing about how devastating one pay health care will be as if we are not chronically screwed up now. I know that there are imperfection in "One pay" health care but the up side is people who need help will be able to get it without devastating results. The AMA and it's platform (lobbyists etc...) have had a free ride jacking costs through the roof with the brunt being shouldered by the public. The motivating factor being Medicare, it's very existence has spawned an atmosphere of over charging the government. Now we are paying for it. So to say it is going to create a shoddy climate of care for the masses is absurd we don't have to have a bad system we can design a futuristic better system and we will find a fair way to pay for it.

It is Fathers day and I love my Father and I equally dislike him. It's amazing to me because no matter how much I try to Idolize him I cannot. Yes, too much foul water under our bridge. Still he is my Father and no matter how much I air my grievances publicly (and I do) I still love that man. He is human and he is imperfect and he is much loved and he is complicated. Like me I suppose.

It's a hallmark holiday which gets under my skin I feel manipulated to purchase and care about something some one else in an advertisement office decided I needed to care about.

Inorganic, lame and ridiculous. I think we should appreciate each other naturally when it warrants it.
Not because we need to generate shopping.
Oh well....we're working on our values, I hope.
I am grateful for everything including my family.
Especially my Father.
I appreciate the complexity of's very exciting and keeps us sharp!

Happy Fathers day you men...I hope today you feel appreciated.


glt said...

On health care:

I was listening to a local chiro radio show this morning. He quoted from a medical journal that childbirth(i guess this ties into the fatherhood day scam too)is by far the most expensive of all hospital treatments in this country. I inserted that's why we don't want to stop overpopulating. BABIES EQUAL MONEY for the AMA! And now they are advertising drugs for 2 year olds on national tv, along with all the super-expensive, toxic stuff for adults.
On top of that, the number of C-sections has gone up each's 31% now...most needless and expensive. The only way to stop the deadly, greedy, scam lobbyists is to stop using their products and services and get healthy on good food, exercise and conservative, cheap, alternative treatments. Pills and knives are radically liberal. Docs don't think twice about hurting you in direct violation of their oath to "FIRST, DO NO HARM"!

Dwacon® said...

The G.O.P. needs to take some vitamins with iron and get back to its roots...

Right now, it is embarrassing...

glt said...

My father wasn't art in heaven.
Except when everything was upside down. Topsy turvy always happens with true love.

I think the grand OLD pissers should wither away. It's a NEW time. I'd like to see a healthy 3 party system with the Greens and Libertarians. 3 is a more artistic, visionary number than 2.

glt said...

Cross pollinating again...

Perhaps our only required purpose
is to enjoy the pleasure of donating sperm and egg?

The future of history lies with us.
not our fathers, our children, or our leaders.

I'm fun! ha ha ha!
Hey! You guys are too!!!

glt said...

I don't think 'appreciated' is a true feeling...perhaps you were embracing the warmth of sarcasm, which can also explode into marvelous love!


Yes, I love 'perhaps''s such a friendly word!