Sunday, July 12, 2009

Elegant tomboy...

Yesterday I took my family for a short ride in a boat I was captain. I am new to this particular craft but it isn't too big or powerful and I grew up on boats it feels almost like we took off and flew around the harbour looking at other boats and houses. Martha's Vineyard is a joy an absolute paradise and apparently I brought the sunshine. My dear friend Julie teased me she said 'RD" you are an elegant tom boy, long nails and gold rings man-handling this power boat. It's funny".

You know she is right. I am a tomboy and I love the attachment of elegant. In my house we didn't have a man around to fall back on so we or I had to do the heavy lifting. Nothing is beyond my attempting it once, nothing. So if it means power tools or driving a lorry, I am there. I am a women who has girl-y features as well and I think that is essential. WE are what we are and can be capable of many things obviously. I must say I was sad Hillary C. didn't win. I want to see a woman run America in my lifetime, please. Nothing is set in stone a capable women doesn't have to lose her femininity, I don't. Nor should anyone else. Just like a man who isn't gifted in these ways, like power boating or fixing engines. You can still be a fully capable masculine guy without those talents. One can be a fabulous cook/chef or decorator and still be a gorgeous fully balanced and masculine man. A Renaissance man at that.

So it maybe that elegant tom boy isn't has exotic sounding as a renaissance man but I think it is a compliment.

Being a renaisance woman, or an elegant tomboy.


glt said...

I'll take one! ;-)
Rd, it's nice to hear someone toot their horn in such a positive manner.
Hopefully you can influence others who need to rely on all forms of false, and manipulative braggadocio.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I am tooting...Hah.

Busted GLT.

Thank you for keeping me grounded.

glt said...

Take it how you will, I trust your judgment, but I meant it as a serious, down to earth compliment.
I get sick of people inflating themselves with talk of their superficial accomplishments.
Your message radiated a sincere joy for life sans ego.

Many Cheers, my Dear!

Tony Bunn said...


Your title immediately brought to mind a picture of a little Moroccan boyish lookin' person ;o).

Sounds like you're having a lot more fun these days; always a good thing.

As for your (chiffon) veiled commentary on gender limitation issues, a curious thought came to mind: If (and perhaps when) a woman did run this whole shebang, would she still be able to truly enjoy the act surrender to her man?


Dwacon® said...

Cool. Cool.

Suzi from Ojai said...

It's good to hear this one! I can relate to this, being the only female doing the physical job of a male for 32 years now. But on the other hand, still staying feminine. You can be your girlie self, but still keep up with the boys! You go girl :)

Daania Nova said...

Hahaha! Elegant Tomboy is a cool way to put it. I used to call myself a Tomboy in Stilletos! Cool enough to hang with the guys and sexy enough to strut in my stilletos!! Hot! ;) Hehehe