Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So much ink is wasted on the lives of the dumb and dumber when people who are living saints go under reported. The woman who helps Afghanistan woman sell their goods to a wider global market. The Women who walk through villages in the most dangerous rural poverty stricken areas to make sure people take their medications all for a pittance. The fine nurses and teachers and trail blazing politicians in this country we have a long long list of luminaries that I want to hear about everyday. Women who are beautiful and interesting and doing something. Yet I look on the homepage and there is bold print is a photo of a woman I think is "intellectually deficient" as in I will be politically incorrect "Retarded" getting space because her just as vacuous Boyfriend broke up with her.

It's wasted ink...it's pollution and it's sad. I want to hear about what they are dong at "Democracy NOW" I want on my vogue covers woman who are not only beautiful but doing something.

What do I do? I do this! I live and tell. I live and I tell what ever comes to mind only I hope I keep my mind somewhat vital interesting and balanced yet bold.

Death to vacuous sex symbols. I am sick of these throw backs. I don't care, stop those who love to make fun of them or look at them.

I think every editor who continues to pander to this is stupid and unworthy of their jobs.

Off with their heads!


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Kim said...

Preach Sista Rae Dawn!

Tony Bunn said...

Good points. Don't go and forget about the good men out here who align themselves interdependently with all these marvelous women of whom you speak.

With respect to the result, Yin without Yang is equivalent to Yang without Yin; misfortune, in either case.