Saturday, July 4, 2009

All about it

We were reminding ourselves to stay in the sweetness, (me and my friend Chris) the spot of the moment.
To focus and not stray beyond the infinitesimal now...that minutia. To be 1000% involved in whatever we do accessing all of our "self" in what ever task. Putting out in that big important way.

The difference of this experience, the texture, the purity, the love is breathtaking.
There isn't anything else worth doing. NOTHING else exists or matters if we are split into the future. It is only our focus our concentration on this here now.

That is our JOB. Our only JOB...the rest is sweetness and energetic exchange.

But without this it's fear, sadness and struggle.

Look at the men and woman you admire and notice how they put all of themselves, 100%... into everything they do, no matter the consequence.

We are all capable of this

That is what we should be all about.

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glt said...

Some beautiful words for sure.
But one big ugly one, and it starts with a J. Job suggests work, and work requires force. Cats and critters sleep and dream. When they awake they shake and stretch. They take a deep breath of life that flows thru them from head to toe. They don't have to work til their belly starts growling.

My Utopia, and how to get there:
We use all our modern technology to fertilize the planet Earth with native edible and edible-supporting species. Return to small tribes who live solely off the land. Think of the comfortable tee pees we could have today! Ummmmmm!

Thanks for the forum, Rae.