Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I see the Elephant.

Yesterday I wrote this in response to the thread regarding Rev. Sharpton and his statement that MJ helped Obama...

"I think America is guilty that we admire children who are tortured into being show biz brats . The parental dominance and lack of sensitivity it took to turn those boys into the J5 was and is a tragedy. So add that we adored them and wanted them and watched everything they did. We colluded with papa Joe. Still do That service was the extreme of exploitation... Yet WE ignore our part in making/adding to how they turned out. People we have MJ's blood on our hands because we loved him so much when he was a child. Then when they don't turn out right or they have issues we act surprised. It's a giant case of guilt. This weird adulation. People just don't know it".

Guilt has a way of wreaking havoc in our lives. You see parents who are dominated by their children because they drop the ball daily as "parent" and spend more time on the computer or in front of the television or out. So they stuff the children with "things" and allow abhorrent behaviors because they are just to
guilty" to do anything else. The emotional bank account runs dry and Mom is in collusion because she hates her spouse or the children too. America is in trouble in so many ways. Still there is hope. If we as a society could just identify our guiltiness and stop and reassess what we do, instead of heaping piles of gooey emotions all over celebrity or in this case a very sad and creepy figure such as MJ. I love his talent, his star, his charisma. I just think everyone has taken a long vacation from reality and decided to ignore the "ELEPHANT" in the room...I heard that Diana Ross wouldn't discuss the "issues" surrounding MJ and that she wouldn't entertain the thoughts, completely ignored them. Imagine she had his ear , imagine what she maybe could have done if she was a true "friend". I think we do this with him now, call me jealous or mean or insensitive but it's the same issues that all abused children feel. No one looks out for them they just adore the abuser especially if he is famous and rich and talented. I know many of you out there are hellbent in white washing this man especially since he is dead. Still I cannot ignore that facts that something strange was going on all the way to the end...just look at the guy. That his family tracks out the sad children is another tasteless example of "no one cares" who is in charge, it's pure exploitation. Now and way back then. Please the hideous coverage again and again of the white children of MJ who, I am sorry, do not share an iota of "Jackson" DNA. People where are you? It's sad alright it's really tragic.

I am stumped by it. I am creeped out by America, the world.

Micheal Jackson hated himself and his family (excluding his children) he wanted nothing to do with them, obviously.

Honestly I do feel sympathy for his children for their loss and NOW for their future.



timsky said...

Thanks, Rae. I hesitate to say it, but screened entertainment in general has made millions of people far less capable of interpersonal attention and intimacy than humans will need to be in this century.

lurgee said...

Thank you for saying what a lot of people have been thinking.

There's too much unaccepting adulation and sentimentalty for this pathetic (in the real sense) little man, and the media - only interested in in revenue, at the end of the day (well, midway through the day, really) - are happy enough to join in, rather than offering people the reality check they obviously need.

Power with out responsibility, and all that.

Da Weaz said...

Oh, dearest Rae, when you start talking about MJ, you start getting so angry and bitter that it almost makes us forget how beautiful you are.

People loved MJ not because they loved him as a child, but because he made them dance and sing for decades. People knew that he was weird and didn't "turn out right", but they loved him for his music, his dancing and what they hoped was his heart and innocence.

You may be fixated on some allegations of child abuse, but with every passing day it seems as if those charges were empty and false.

Stop hatin', babes. It doesn't make you look so good, especially with the cosmic love, universal balance schtick that you so often preach.