Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My father is very upset he missed the show yesterday and I am feeling for him. He is a space cadet and I am sorry we couldn't have him but I adored the outcome. You know one of my primal fears as a kid and an adult is being dumped or deserted and having people know that I have been dumped and or deserted. It is as if that is a bad thing,
a stigma.

Yesterday, I actually got to experience the truth of it, it is NOT a bad thing! You don't die of embarrassment, the sky doesn't swallow you up and I didn't feel less than in any way, in fact I felt like my angel wings grew an inch longer. Okay, I exaggerate a 1/2 inch is more like it. It is a wondrous event surviving and proving something false. It heals. Oh sure there was a moment of sadness attached to Father not showing up (again) but nothing like the Little self would have us believe. we can face those fears I promise even in a public form.


Knowing my Dad and how he rolls I pretty much felt/feel it was a good chance he was gonna flake. When he did I was armed with a spectacular sub (TB) and then my sister who I have to say isn't normally so open and frank publicly stepped up and filled in. I found the discourse to be deep, frank and interesting and less Hollywood and more real. I was moved and I was in it. At times I forgot I was on air and that could be bad maybe, yet it felt so intimate. I like that personally I want to feel like I know the person who is interviewing.

Today someone who is technical laughed at the dead moment ...I was on a cell and I had to take the call so there was dead air. Tony Bunn filled it by saying "we are still on the air folks"...LOL.. So good and funny and obviously NOT polished.

I am certain the depth of our discussion about my father will impact him positively by letting him hear what the effects of his actions are and how they impact us without the sting of accusations and blame.

There is nothing better. I just hope he takes the time to listen. It's a long show but pretty exciting no stone unturned.

No pun intended...


glt said...


I really don't have to say anymore, but you know me. Plus, I was just searching for an unpicked orchard to liberate my freedom of expression. California peaches and New England blueberries make a perfect palate.

Typical man, yer father. At heart and soul and body, the main purpose is to fertilize the crops and move on. Any tarrying or lingering is above and beyond the call of duty.
Women follow similar primordial patterns. Many women practically kick their first mates out of the house, so as to rear the babe alone.
It's true. Read 'em and weep, ladies. I don't see anything wrong with this natural secenario, as long as both genders love and appreciate life and it's inhabitants...especially one another.

Embarrassment? That describes my life til I started altering my consciousness the summer after high school. First with beer, wine, then Mary Jane, then Lysergic Acid DimethelTRIPtomene. Life previous was so tedious and ponderous that I probably should have had a stroke at 15! Finding true female love to escape into saved my life. I was blessed with my first human reward. It was total connection from head to toe, spirit to arse.
We musn't forget chemistry. TB has an unusual androgenous chemistry. The macho nail-pounder and the sensitive feminine balsa wood all in the same immediate packet. He's seems very evolved ahead of his time.

Yer not Hollywood, or Valley Girl, really are you? Yer too smart, World Woman.

"The Economy is the most worshipped and elaborate false idol." glt 2009

Kim said...

Loved your show last night Rae. I'm really feeling this blog entry too... I've been there.

Thank God for my mom and my grandparents!

glt said...

Sorry Kim, there are many people I could pounce on here...nuttin' personal at all.

Why thank God? Why not take responsibility for your own life?
Some big old smart guy in the sky is responsible for everything, good or bad...HE had a reason for it?!!! Really, where's the logic?

Myself, I dunno...doubtful but, naw...very doubtful!

Tony Bunn said...

George, I found your comment about androgeny to be somewhat satisfylying amusing, strangely enough. Perhaps, it's the case that astrology is a more in-tune science than I ever imagined, as it positions the sign of the scorpion (under which I was born) to be one ultimately of a feminine character.

Although I wouldn't go so far as to claim machismo for myself, I'm also not afraid of the feminine component that exists within. And despite my somewhat extremely "hetero" underpinnings, I'm not at all put-off by listening to the rumblings of those of my friends who find themselves oriented in a different fashion.

(More in next comment)

Tony Bunn said...

You comment also brought to mind an interesting discussion of the Biblical accounts of creation, one that I encountered during a recent viewing of the History channel, on tv.

Apparently, there are perhaps 2 separate instances of the creation of woman (Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:22). Hmmmmmm.

Although the first speaks of the creation of the male and female principles, the second speaks clearly of something being taken from man, so as to create and inform woman.

My being very much of a mystical bent, I'm led toward the position that perhaps that which was taken from man was the luxury of capriciousness; its being afforded to the woman. Indeed it's not much further into the tale of Genesis that Adam falters in his discipline (along with Eve, with whom there was no immediate contract with GOD that was mentioned) and then gets banished from Paradise. Adam's task (and forever that of those who proceed forth from him) would be the reclamation and mastery of discipline.

Although I spoke briefly of my position during the conversation(s) with the lovely Ms. Chong(s), for some reason, I find my thoughts thereupon continuing to undergo a somewhat rapid expansion.

Hmmmmmmm. Any takers to this discussion :o)?

glt said...

Hi Tony, "More in next comment"...hmmm, don't see one yet.

Ah there it is, as I preview this post...interesting for sure...I have to eat mu breakfast, but I'll be back sometime today I'm sure.

Here's some Scorpio info that might interest you:
Mode is 'fixed', as opposed to 'cardinal'(me), or 'mutable'(Rd).
You are symbolized by the scorpion, or in a higher state, the eagle.
Your element is water, characterized by emotion, sensitivity and intuition.
Ruling planet is Mars=energy, aggression, initiative.
Your conscious aim is 'power', with a strong sense of self-control. Body parts under scorpio control are the sexual organs(mine are the danged kidneys! har har!).
Scorpios have the ability to probe, eliminate, destroy and regenerate.
You(scorpios)need to cultivate 'forgiveness' and 'right direction of aspiration and energy'(good job here, me thinks). We are both in the 'individual' section of the zodiac, as opposed to 'primordial' or 'universal'(Rd). The last half of the wheel, where we sit, is 'objective' as opposed to the first half which is 'subjective. Water and earth signs are feminine, air and fire masculine.

glt said...

Hmmm, no takers yet. I thought new Tony C. might check in.

I'll bite a little(no not the forbidden apple, which for me seems to be whiskey lately!), but could it have been chromosomes that were taken from the man to form woman? I forget right now how it works with the y, xy, xyz stuff. Now too we know about hormones, testosterone gives us aggression, and the woman one which I ALWAYS forget the name of,ESTROGEN!, keeps them from getting hot flashes...ooooh.
My body science is a little rusty as you may have noticed. But I'm jus' saying perhaps a dash of science musings might add spice to your mystical scenario. It's a great topic, and a very old one as you say.

Tony Bunn said...

On that note, I like my version a lil' bit more.

With regard to estrogen, testosterone, DNA, RNA,... perhaps a bit too scientific (i.e. non-substantial) for me. However, let's examine that angle a bit further; for the average woman, when the estrogen emission machinery comes to a point of instability (as normally occurs when one reaches menopause), capricious behavior increases tenfold --- and this despite there also being a fair measure of testosterone present in woman's hormonal make-up.

In stark contrast, I cannot imagine the circumstances under which such far-reaching variability of expression would be suffered of the average male.

Just a thought.

There are countless more juicy and titillating angles from which I could approach the discussion of "discipline vs caprice", my favorite, of course, being the discussion of seminal retention; however, methinks this not the proper forum --- as that particular discipline most decidedly places one outside the realm of fatherhood (at least, in the physical sense). ;o).