Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Listening to NPR Madam Secretary Clinton speaking on the North Koreans and the ghost ship filled with Nuclear "goodies" for sale and the supposed tunnel that they are building into Burma how the desperate Lil Kim may be cash strapped so he is trying to drum up business with the walled in dictator of Burma as they prefer to call it Myanmar. It made me think that something has to be done over there. She, Madam Secretary said that she is in Thailand to help facilitate talks to encourage a cooperative strategy to quell the threat. She said she felt good about the direction they are going and progress was being made. It was so much hoo haw politico speak. I was for a brief moment missing Doofus Bush and his Texan straight talk. Look we have to do something. Lil Kim is shooting off rockets threatening nuclear war and bullying South Korea as he starves his people. We then have the Burmese gang holed up inside the huge walled fortress starving those people whilst they sit on a mountain of precious stones and apparently lots of cash What's to be done? Apparently not much...according to Madam secretary. It seems since we are in a pile of trouble here our influence has waned some over there.

I think Ang Suu Kyi is lucky to be alive and will never be free. They will probably murder her before she ever steps outside a free woman. I think South Korea will have to bomb Lil Kim and his Afro out of the water. Lets face it they have the biggest interest to oust the maniac. Provided China doesn't shore North Koreans up with military help,one never can tell which way China goes. Meanwhile we have health care which is limping it's way to some sort of resolution. Do we really believe those commercials against one pay or universal? People are you buying the fear factor and do you want to have big business in the doctors office with you? Change is that bad? It seems to all boil down to what is familiar and like the syndrome called "Stockholm" maybe we in America are too stupid and scared to try something new like Health care for all. Seems sad and scary to think that big insurance will once again stop America from getting something that should be a basic care.

There is a ship out in the Pacific filled with Nuclear crap for sale. How come Japan or China are not stopping them? Why is it always us?

One gorgeous bit of good news I heard this morning made me smile. The horrid outdated piece of scrap metal called the F22 was halted. Someone in office is doing a good job. That was a tragedy just waiting to happen anything that can come down because of a few raindrops does not belong in the defense arsenal. 1.2 billions saved.

So lets take that money and put it into our Health care...we need it people, please say yes.

Vote universal coverage for all.


Ryanaldo said...

Ang Suu Kyi should just leave Burma. I'm pretty sure they would let her. She's old, and lost the election 20 years ago. she should go back to London. Maybe even appear on Oprah.

I don't have much faith there is a north korean bogey ship of nuclear weapons for sale sailing around the pacific. South Korea is about 3 times more populated and much wealthier than North Korea. they can take care of North Korea on their own. it is mostly about makework. if the cold war is any lesson, we would be closing down japan and south korea and stationing 300,000 troops in Afghanistan for the next 60 years.

Scorpionking60164 said...


While I do share you sentiment with bombing the North Koreans off the map, I do not share your sentiment with our beloved president Barack " I kiss Bin Ladens ass" Obama's decison to halt production of the latest strike fighter the F-22 raptor.

How could this "American" make such unwise decision? How could he strip us of one of the most technologically advance fighters in the world? How could this man unzip our fly and leave us vunerable to attack by taking a major part of our arsenal out of the game?

I feel that he is setting this great country for our downfall, taking our defenses and our money and using it for his own extremist agenda's.

He will sit there and smile his award winning smile and tell us how we need universal health care for all the deginerate sewer rats and yet billions will be sent overseas to radical groups that he secretly supports. He is not what he seems to be people, he is the one who is going to run this country into the ground, he is going to be the one who takes our money and gives it to the poor and undeserving.

Yes, I support a full out war against the North, I also support us nuking the hell out of the Iranians, but not as much as I support getting that dolled up idiot out of the White House and instilling the right "people" back into the WHITE House.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

I disagree about Obama and not just because I am a woman of color. The plane is a dog a dud. It is across the board useless and unrelaible those in the military who are experts agree. It can't be compared to the planes we do have in service aside from being expensive to run 49, HOUR and that isn't factoring in on the ground maintenance. It can't tolerate rain drops. So aside from having a shallow understanding of all of the planes in the fleet I do know that this one is famous for being worthless. Secondly you must must be from Mars , that's it! The last administration and previous one before helped facilitate this mess(bad war, economic strain, recession) the current regime is doing not only a better job then Mccain would have done they are going to get some much needed policy changed and begin a start in policy change graft in campaign financing for example. Your boys didn't do better and they wrecked is country seriously...YOU!

Aside from sensing a serious slice of racism in your attack on our President and I hesitate to go there since it's such a convenient "card" to play. I disagree wholeheartedly that Obama is dressed up and doing nothing good. Then again you probably think Palin is smart!

Shame that you think he is responsible solely for the mess we are in.America is screwed because we are war started by your buddies for what? Oil...where? Yes how soon we forget, how quick to heap blame on HIM!

Scary people you!!@!

Dwacon® said...

I was just pissed because one of my screenplays has the F-22 as a key plot point.

Rae Dawn Chong said...
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Tony Bunn said...

On the topic of fear factors, to which you alluded in your missive, I'm noticing a generalized fear-mongering that's starting to weave its way ever more firmly into the American psyche.

Although I don't watch much television, I've heretofore usually enjoyed watching the presentations on the History Channel; despite its incessant reliance on tales of Hitler's sick attempts at world domination.

Well, lately, the History Channel seems to have almost completely given itself over apocalyptic projections of the demise of humanity. Even discussions of Black Holes are subtly sprinkled with images that have the human form being torn to shreds, in an exponential fashion, as it might be caught up in the gravitational pull of a collapsed star. Then there are the shows about Earth as it might progress 25, 50, 100 or more years after the removal of humans.

Incredibly subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) fear-mongering.

At risk of being uninformed, I think I'ma gon' have to switch off the tube. Far from ramming my head into the sand, at least I might benefit from some degree of insulation from the unfortunate sensationalism of the modern era.

I never have been one much for dining on fear...

Ryanaldo said...

The F-22 isn't going to do anything against Osama Bin Laden. the 9/11 terrorists used box cutters for their attack, and microsoft flight simulator to train. Al Queda has non-existant military air power, and their anti-aircraft defenses can be taken out by 65 year old technology.

North Korea is weak and dumb. they are held up as a threat by our conservative media.

Iran isn't even much of a threat. they are positioned as such by our conservative media to rile up the hicks.

most poor people who are bankrupted by health problems in America are white. if the idea of ghetto retards and white trash also getting affordable healthcare puts you off that idea, you need to reconsider your priorities, ScorpionKing.

glt said...

Scorp King is a cartoon...ditto-head racist war-monger. Nice act, or is it hypnosis? As a degenerate sewer rat, I've noticed yer guys shit stinks more than normal people's.
Good thing you give no info on yerself, or I might come up there and whup yer arse! Har! Jes' joshing, SK. You have the precise same right as a degenerate sewer rat or anyone else to free speech.

TB? where you been? That fear, paranoia stuff has been going on for decades. Why do you think I'm nuts? :-0)

Agree the plane sucked and N. Korea and Iran are no big deal. We spend almost as much money on war and it's machines as the rest of the world combined. China comes in second, at about 1/6th of us, somethinfg like that.

Scorpionking60164 said...


First thing first, There is not one racist bone in my body. I do believe in the teachings that "All men are created equal". The attack Osama, I mean Obama was not meant as a racist attack for his being black.

The attack was because he is a lackluster president and could not hold a candle to the previous president. He lacks the killer instinct that president Bush possessed. When the situation gets hot,he resorts to diplomacy instead of flexing the military arm of the United States. Obama caters to the poor, to the retched, to the lowest common denominator. He caters to the wrong side of the tracks, to the people who have little or no influence in this country.

People who have a bleeding heart, do not deserve to be in office. He preaches to the rabble, offering them the chance to have something for nothing, to have medical insurance on the tax payers dime.
These people don't deserve anything that was not earned, through the sweat of their brow.

Obama wants to begin a program of neutering the United States, by slowly taking money out of the defense budget and putting it to work for the lower income. The time will come that we will be beg to have a fighter like the F-22, when our nation is threatened by an enemy or two. It will be then that we will finally see the error in our ways.

What next? Take away our arsenal of Aircraft Carriers or Nuclear Warheads, in order to give all the rabble food stamps and furry little kittens?

The North Koreans are going to be the first real military test for Obama. This isn't some half starved Iraqi soldier who's gonna surrender to a news crew from CNN. The North Koreans are a real threat to the U.S. If we attack them, it can be assured that they will unleash one hell of a counter attack. They won't sit back and let us take their country from them. They are going to exact heavy losses on our side, possibly nuke Japan, South Korea and maybe even Hawaii in retaliation.

Obama has to step up to the plate or he will be in the same the same company as Lyndon B. Johnson. A president who lead the U.S. into defeat and shame in Vietnam. Obama's social reform for the rabble needs to take a back seat to homeland security and protection of our vested interests overseas.

Ryanaldo said...

defeat in Vietnam was assured almost from the beginning. the north vietnamese were in a similar position to what American patriots were during the long 8 years of resistance against a small fraction of the British military.

Bush fumbled an easy initial win in Iraq War II(the most secular muslim nation in the middle east) by laying off the entire Iraqi military/police. He got 3,000+ Americans killed after Mission Accomplished, 2 million Iraqi refugees in Syria, and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians. Hussein Iraq was the ideological opposite of Al Queda. Bush was a dumbass tool. Do you have two trillion dollars? Let's invade Iraq. Do you have six trillion dollars? We could Invade Iran. Bush invade Iraq because he was bored.

we'll be borrowing that money from China and Taiwan. Bush and his friends keep pushing the trade deals cuz they get a cut of the markup of imports.

poor "rabble" form the bulk of military enlistments (not officers). the industrial jobs are gone, everything takes a college degree, and the military offers healthcare and education aid.

most bankruptcies in america are working people hit with medical expenses.

glt said...

I stand by my previous description of you SK. Why all the huff and puff?
What are you really afraid of? Truly, from where do you draw your thoughts and emotions?

Why did you use all caps in "WHITE house"?

Do you not believe in fortune or grace in regards to the poor have no bootstraps to pull themselves up?

Heil is the rode to hell. And I'm not speaking religion...hell on earth.